Thanksgiving Lesson Plans

  1. An Invitation
  2. How a Day Becomes a National Holiday
  3. Learning to Trade
  4. Planning a New Town
  5. Sales Brochure for America
  6. The First Winter
  7. The Logistics of a New Settlement
  8. The Mayflower Was This Big
  9. The Pilgrims and Google Earth
  10. The Pros and Cons of Being a Pilgrim
  11. The Ultimate Thanksgiving Lesson Plan
  12. More Thanksgiving Lesson Plans

Winter Lesson Plans

  1. Curious About Winter Lesson Set
  2. Health Affects Of Winter Lesson Set
  3. Things That Only Happen During Winter Set
  4. When Winter Affects Us Lesson Set
  5. More Winter Lesson Plans

Elections and Voting

  1. Presidents at Inauguration Graph
  2. Take a Stand!
  3. The Electoral College
  4. To Vote Or Not To Vote
  5. Voting: Registering and Why It's Important
  6. What Are Political Parties?
  7. What Are the Important Issues?
  8. More Elections Lesson Plans

Colonial America

  1. American Revolutionary and Civil Wars
  2. Religions of the World Lesson Series
  3. Settlers in a New Land
  4. More Colonial America Lesson Plans

Veterans Day

  1. More Veterans Day Lesson Plans

Time Saving Lesson Plans

  1. Daily Teacher Helpers Forms Pack
  2. School Wide Forms Pack
  3. Student Forms Pack
  4. Teacher Lesson Forms Pack
  5. Ultimate Teacher Timesavers

Native American Lesson Plans

  1. Kindergarten Theme: Native American Indians
  2. Iroquois Lessons
  3. Native American Theme, Vol. 1 Workbook
  4. Native American Theme, Vol. 2 Workbook
  5. More Native American Lesson Plans

Fall (Autumn) Lesson Plans

  1. Autumn Leaves Are Falling
  2. How Does Fall Work? Reading Series
  3. Signs of the Fall Autumn Season
  4. More Fall (Autumn) Lesson Plans

Scientist Appreciation Month

  1. Albert Einstein and Galileo Galilei
  2. Application of the Scientific Method
  3. Charles Darwin and Sir Isaac Newton
  4. Edwin Hubble, Johannes Kepler, & Maxwell
  5. Hey You! Want to Become a Scientist?
  6. Introduction to the Scientific Method
  7. Paul Dirac, Emil Fischer, Louis Pasteur

National Author's Day

  1. Author! Author!
  2. Authors Purpose & Fact or Opinion
  3. Ernest Hemingway, George Orwell and Ayn Rand
  4. J.D. Salinger, Kurt Vonnegut and James Joyce
  5. Mark Twain and Virginia Woolf Lesson Set
  6. William Shakespeare and William Faulkner