Thanksgiving Printable Worksheets

Turkey time! We took a holiday poll a few years back and gave teachers 3 weeks to answer. Thanksgiving came in as their second favorite National Holiday. We took a great deal of time to create these printables just for your classroom. We receive many compliments on it daily.

Worksheets and Puzzles

  1. Acrostic Poem
  2. Bank On It! Worksheet
  3. Crossword Puzzle
  4. Cryptogram
  5. Do The Research- Thanksgiving
  6. Group Creative Writing
  7. If I Were A.... ?
  8. KWL
  9. Thanksgiving Maze
  10. Reading Comprehension Worksheet
  11. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  12. Vocabulary Quiz
  13. Word Chop
  14. Word Scramble Worksheet
  15. Word Search Worksheet

Complete Thanksgiving Worksheet Series and Resources

  1. Acrostic Poem
  2. Thanksgiving Teaching Theme
  3. Thanksgiving Lesson Plans

Thanksgiving Adjective Worksheets

  1. Parade
  2. Pilgrims
  3. Turkey

Thanksgiving Day Songs

  1. I'm a Little Leprechaun
  2. Fun Songs
  3. Medium Songs
  4. Short Songs
  5. Turkey in the Straw
  6. Turkey Songs

Bookmarks and Coloring Pages

  1. Corn
  2. Dinner
  3. Don't Be A Turkey!
  4. Friendly
  5. Pilgrim
  6. Turkey
  7. Turkey Business
  8. Walking

Writing Paper

  1. Apple
  2. At Arms
  3. Harvest
  4. Scroll
  5. Tom Turkey
  6. Wishbone

Classroom Activities for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here, and like most teachers, you must be brainstorming some meaningful and entertaining classroom activities for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to teach students the importance of being grateful for everything they have and all the people who play a meaningful role in their lives. It is the perfect time to build many academic skills like reading, writing, etc.

Do you want your classroom activities for Thanksgiving to be a little different this year? We've got you covered. Here are some amazing ideas that will fit right into your routine.

Classroom Activities for Thanksgiving

The week leading up to Thanksgiving Day can be challenging for many teachers. You can make your life easier with low-prep and exciting classroom activities that will fit well in your November schedule, even at the very last minute! So, let us see what they are.

Here are some fun ideas to incorporate into your lesson for Thanksgiving:

1. Make a Turkey With a Paper Roll

Grab empty paper rolls and some construction paper. It's time to make a turkey. Making a makes for a fun Thanksgiving classroom activity is easy. Here is what you will need:

Material Required:

- Construction paper in red, orange, yellow, brown, and pink to make autumn leaves.
- Craft glue
- Stapler
- Scissors
- Acrylic paint
- Soft paint brushes
- Googly eyes
- Paper towel rolls (cut in half –one for each turkey)


Here is how to get started on making the turkey:

1. Stack the construction paper together and draw an outline of two large and two small ovals (double-pointed). These should be shaped like leaves, so imagine you have to draw two large and two small leaves.

2. Now it is time to cut out these shapes you have drawn on the construction paper. Cut them out while all the sheets are stacked together –this way, you can cut several turkey leaves in one go.

3. Cut the paper towel roll in half –this will make the turkey's body.

4. Paint the rolls in brown acrylic paint. If you want, skip this step since the rolls are already brown.

5. Overlap all the shapes you have cut out, pasting them together in an arc shape to make the turkey feathers.

6. Staple the group of feathers on the back of the towel paper roll.

7. Paste the googly eyes and cut out a triangle shape using yellow paper for the nose. Similarly, you can cut out the turkey’s feet using orange paper and paste them at the bottom of the roll so it looks like your turkey can stand up.

Isn't this the cutest turkey you have ever seen? You can paste the turkey' on the classroom bulletin board to make a cute turkey display for Thanksgiving!

2. Create a Tree of Thankfulness and Gratitude

Creating a thankfulness tree is a great way to teach students to be grateful and appreciate everything they have. This activity makes a perfect addition to the classroom décor and is also really easy to set up. Let's take a look at everything you will need!

Material Required:

1. Construction paper in several colors
2. Glue
3. Markers
4. Printable autumn leave templates


1. Start by creating a tree trunk and empty branches on a brown sheet and pasting it on the classroom bulletin board. You can also use an artificial tree in a pot to make this activity more interesting.

2. Provide the students with one or more printable autumn leave templates to express what they are grateful for.

3. Stick the leaves on the Tree of Thankfulness or hang them up on the branches of the artificial pot by punching holes and using a string

4. You can also ask the students to add pictures of their own or things they are thankful for to the display.

3. Reading Activities

Thanksgiving is a great way to set up the reading corner and read some focus on the Thanksgiving holiday, which will improve the students' reading skills and keep them engaged in class. Here are some of our favorite Thanksgiving books for kids that you can read to them or have them read themselves. Let's take a look:

- Balloons over Broadway: The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy's Parade, by Melissa Sweet
- The First Thanksgiving Feast, by Joan Anderson
- Happy Thanksgiving, Curious George, by H. A. Rey
- Pete the Cat: The First Thanksgiving by James Dean
- Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks by Margaret Sutherland
- Taws the Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey
- A Plump and Perky Turkey by Teresa Bateman

4. Writing Assignment: Write About Things You are Grateful For

Thanksgiving is a great time to engage the students in writing and drawing assignments. Task the students to write an essay on all the things they are grateful for and make drawings. Provide them with a pack of colors to get started!

5. Make Thanksgiving Cards

Is it Thanksgiving without a Thanksgiving card? Provide your students with pintable card templates, stickers, glitter, colors, markers, and anything else you can think of to design the cards.

Ask the students to design a card for someone they are most thankful for and include a short poem in the cards to express their gratitude!

6. Design a Cookbook

Another writing-themed classroom activity is creating a recipe book. Ask the students to write about how they think their favorite dish is prepared in their homes. You can provide the class with sample recipe templates as a guideline.

Once everyone is done writing, bind all the copies into a 'Thanksgiving Recipe Book' and make several copies for each student.

Wrapping Up

We had a lot of fun sharing these Thanksgiving classroom activities with you and hope you and your students have a wonderful time exploring these thanksgiving activities. Students must understand the significance of this day and the theme that is central to it, which is gratitude. Thankfulness matters in and out of the classroom, and teachers play a big role in teaching students to be grateful and kind.