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Science has always been there and so have scientists. Some of them have discovered or created things that were not only new to mankind, but also brought a historic change that led to further developments. Scientists have shaped up the world as we see it today. It is all because of some talented scientists who extended their services that people left behind the dark ages and embraced the newer, technology-filled world we have today.

Numerous scientists have discovered different things, but only some of them actually won a lot of prizes for the services they have provided in order to make the world a better place. Out of all of the scientists we know, some are highly regarded to be the best scientists we have ever seen.

Here are some of the most influential scientists of all time:

Isaac Newton:

Isaac Newton is not only listed amongst the best scientists, but is also rated in the top 10 list of the most influential men of all time. We all know Newton for the theory of gravitation he had explained and the laws he had introduced. However, this was not Newton's only achievement. Before all that, he had created and explained many other scientific phenomena which made him popular in his time. One of his major achievements before explaining the theory of gravitation was inventing the reflecting telescope. Newton has many other achievements which have made him the most influential scientist of all time.

Albert Einstein:

Who hasn't heard of him? Albert Einstein is another scientist who has a number of achievements to be listed. His major achievement, however, was deriving the E = mc2 equation which denoted that mass and energy can be bought at an equal level. Many believe that it was Einstein who created the atomic bomb. Although he didn't directly participate in the development, his theories did make it happen. Apart from that, he has many other achievements that have led the world of physics to what it is now.

Galileo Galilee:

The day Galileo died was the day Newton was born. With Newton's success, many believed that Galileo's intelligence was transferred to him. Galileo was an Italian astronomer and physicist. He is known as the Father of Modern Physics, Father of Science and Father of Modern Science. He was the one who brought numerous changes in the method in which telescopes work. This was his major achievement because of which he is famous till now.

Nikola Tesla:

Nikola Tesla was a Siberian engineer and is known for his contributions towards modern science. His contributions were mainly towards the field of magnetism and electricity. It is because of Tesla that the AC system of electric power was introduced to the world. Tesla laid the foundation for many such electronic theories that came into existence after his era. However, it was because of him that scientists were able to study further the topics he had already provided theories for, hence leading them to the development of such things. Tesla is also known as the creator of Modern Electronic Science.

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