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One, Two, Three Isaac Newton and Me!

Problem: Which Hot wheel car will be the fastest to make it to the bottom of each ramp, Why? Which tracks will all cars move down the fastest and which one will they move down the slowest, Why?

Hypothesis: ________________________________________________.

Materials: Hot Wheels cars of various masses, 5 different Homemade tracks, Stop watches, Meter sticks , Triple-Beam Balance


  1. Everybody has a job in this one. Look for your first job on the Job Posting List.
  2. If you were given the job of "Vehicle Inspector" you and group will be charge of a car. You must first measure the mass of the car and then write a detailed description of the car.
  3. If you were given the job of "Track Surveyor" you will measure the dimensions of the Track you were assigned and then write a detailed description of the track.
  4. Wait for your teacher's instructions.
  5. After these tasked are completed you will share your findings with the class.
  6. After all the data has been shared, you will as groups formulate a hypothesis to the two-fold problem.
  7. We will then test the amount of time it takes each car to travel down the distance of each track at a 45� angle (Run an Experiment).

Description of Cars

Car Number
Mass of Car
General Description of This Car
















Description of Tracks

Track Number
General Description (Is the surface rough? How long is it?)















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