Famous Scientists Worksheets

Scientists work to understand natural phenomena and make predictions based on their studies. The ranking order of the most important scientist of all time is an often talked about topic. One name always comes to the surface as the most influential scientist of all time. The name is Isaac Newton. As one scholar wrote, "Newton's work was and is the basis for all other scientists." Here are a number of helpful printables to help students better identify with a wide range of scientists.

  1. Acrostic Poem
  2. Influential Scientists Crossword Puzzle
  3. Crossword Puzzle Answers
  4. Group Creative Writing Activity
  5. Influential Scientists Multiple Choice Quiz Version 1
  6. Multiple Choice Quiz Version 2
  7. Multiple Choice Quiz Answers
  8. Influential Scientists Spiral Puzzle
  9. Spiral Puzzle Answers
  10. Scientists Who Are Noteworthy
  11. VENN Diagram: Comparing Scientists
  12. Vocabulary Quiz
  13. Scientists Vocabulary Words and Definitions
  14. Scientists Biographical Data Form
  15. Word Scramble
  16. Word Scramble Answers
  17. Vocabulary Decoder Worksheet
  18. Vocabulary Decoder Answer Key
  19. Influential Scientists Word Search 1
  20. Word Search 1 Answers
  21. Word Search 2
  22. Word Search 2 Answers
  23. Science Job Word Search
  24. Science Job Word Search Answers

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