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Influential Scientists Vocabulary Words

Words Definitions
1. Archaeologist Person who explores people, life and customs of ancient times.
2. Astronomer Person who studies the sun, moon, stars, planets and other spatial bodies.
3. Biologist Someone who learns about things that are alive.
4. Chemist A person whose job is dealing with substances and the changes that happen when combined to make other substances.
5. Entomologist Someone who studies all the aspects of insects.
6. Geophysicist Someone who studies the relationship between the earth's physical features and the forces that make or change them.
7. Geologist A person who learns about the layers of the earth and its history.
8. Hematologist A person who studies the structures and what they do, and diseases of the blood.
9. Ichthyologist A person who studies the branch of zoology that is concerned with fish.
10. Mycologist A person who studies the part of botany concerned with fungi.
11. Meteorologist A person who studies the weather and the atmosphere.
12. Mineralogist A person who studies the characteristics of minerals and their composition.
13. Ornithologist Someone who is an expert in bird studies and their habitats.
14. Oceanographer Someone who knows about oceans, seas, and all marine life.
15. Physicist Someone who studies energy and matter.
16. Paleontologist Someone who studies life in prehistoric times.
17. Seismologist Someone who studies earthquakes and earth's crust's movements.
18. Taxonomist A person who classifies animal and plant species.
19. Virologist Someone who learns about diseases and why we get sick or what makes us sick.


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