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December, the last month of the year, is also the month with the shortest days in the northern hemisphere - and the longest ones south of the equator. This is the season of snow and frost in the north, chickadees and cardinals coming to bird feeders, and all the color and merriment of the Christmas season. There are probably more major holidays in this month - many of them newly created - than in any other month of the year. Perhaps people feel the need to celebrate to cast off the winter gloom and turn the season into something magical and pleasant.

Some creatures, however, prefer to sleep through the winter rather than party through it. Black bears are snoring by December, with their hearts beating only eight times a minute and their furry backs pressed up against the den entrance to keep out the cold. However, if someone starts poking around in their den, a bear can wake up in anywhere from several minutes to a second or two. This is different from other hibernating animals, who take longer to wake up. Read More About The Month of December

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