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  • A Place for the Homeless - This social awareness project helps students to be more aware of the plight of the homeless in their community. They are asked to research the avenues available to homeless people and decide if they feel enough is being done to help them.
  • Cross-cultural winter celebrations - Understanding of other's cultural celebrations. Back up an opinion with facts. Compare and contrast different cultural celebrations.
  • Energy Efficient Homes - The student will be able to evaluate their parents' home to see how energy-efficient it is.
  • Life in the Arctic - The student will be able to research and report on an animal that lives in the arctic.
  • Mittens, Mittens Everywhere! - In this cold activity, students conduct an experiment to see which type of mitten stays dry when playing in the snow.
  • Mmm Mmm Good - Making Soup - The student will be able to write a recipe for a new kind of soup using their own ingredients and correct measurement abbreviations.
  • Slippery, Slippery Ice - This experiment helps students understand how salt affects ice. They take turns sliding a penny across a piece of ice before and after salt is applied and record their observations.
  • United States Winter Celebrations - Students will gather and organize information about the traditions transmitted by various groups living in their neighborhood and community and recognize how traditions and practices were passed from one generation to the next.
  • What Type of Snow Makes a Good Snowman - In this lesson, students compare the different types of snow and try to determine which one makes the best snowman.
  • Winter Animal Match - The student will be able to match the correct animal with its winter home.
  • Winter Memory Quilt - The student will be able to create a 6x6 or 8x8 inch square that shows a favorite memory about wintertime.
  • Winter Survival - In this activity, students have to create a list down of the five most important things they need to survive a night outside in the wintertime.
  • Winter Triptych - Students will understand that multiple pieces of art can be brought together to form one big piece of art.

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  1. Curious George in the Snow Sled Ornaments- "We read the book and talk about the children's sledding experiences. What kinds of inventions would they make for better sledding? Then we make a sled ornament."
  2. Seasons of the Year- The link between the tilt of the Earth's axis to the ecliptic and seasons of the year--length of day, effectiveness of sunlight, polar day and night, and seasons south and north of the equator, as well as near it.