Lesson Plan : Cross-cultural winter celebrations

Teacher Name:
 Miss Smith
 Grade 4
 Social Studies

 Multi-cultural winter celebrations
 Students will look at different cultural celebrations in the winter months.
 Students will discover that Christmas is just one of many winter celebrations. Students will design their own winter celebration. Students will work in a group to create a new celebration.
 Understanding of other's cultural celebrations. Back up an opinion with facts. Compare and contrast different cultural celebrations
 Pictures of menorah, kinara, advent wreath, dreidel
 Thinking Yes/Thinking No. I will pose the question to the students: "Do you think we should have a Christmas concert and have Christmas celebrations at school?" Those who would answer yes sit on one side of the room, those who would answer no sit on the other side. We have a discussion about why or why not we should celebrate Christmas at school.
 Show pictures of Menorah, Advent Wreath, Kinara and see what knowledge students already have about these items. Pass out article on Christmas celebrations and read to the class with them following along. This will help with the low readers who couldn't read on their own.
 Ask students what the different celebrations have in common. Brainstorm the commonalities.
 Working in partners will help with the lower students. One student can be the recorder and the other student can help with the ideas.
Checking For Understanding:
 Does their celebration include: A name for their celebration Why thier celebration is meaningful What peopel do to celebrate their holiday ie, games, songs or recipes
 Have students present their celebration if there is time or else just display the celebrations in the classroom.
Teacher Reflections:

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