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The winter months are generally considered to be late November until Late February. However, the official first day of winter is not until December twenty-first (December 21), which is also known as the winter solstice. Winter can be a dreary time. It can be hard to stay busy with all of that snowy, rainy, cold and windy weather. In the winter it seems like all the plants die and the world goes to sleep. You can keep that from happening though and keep yourself busy at the same time if you learn all about winter and how to stay busy with nature during these long months.

It may be cold outside, but inside it is warm and toasty. Cheat nature by growing indoor plants during the winter. If you can find a window where the sun comes through you are golden. This will keep you busy, and lift everyone's spirits at the same time. You can also do some research on plants. Check out exotic plants. If you want to get out of the house, or you have to stay in and there is nothing else to plant, do some research. Look into plants you would normally not have and research them on the Internet. If this does not suit you could try the ever-famous idea of watching seeds sprout. No this is not like watching water boil. You simply take a glass of some type, and line it with a wet paper towel. Then put some been or zucchini seeds between the paper towel and the glass. Put a lid on it. If you watch it and keep the towel moist for a few days you will quickly see the seeds sprout.

If your parents are brave, you could try and get them to let you have a worm farm. Be patient though, this might take a little convincing. Here is what you do though when they say yes. You get a very big cardboard box, line it with some plastic, like a large plastic bag, and you put soil in it with a few worms. You will want to keep it cool, moist and dark in there. For food give the worms the leftovers from the dinner. By doing this you can show your parents how leftover kitchen scraps can be recycled. They will be thrilled!

While you are waiting for your plants to grow and your worm farm to develop, you can spend hours painting and decorating terra cotta pots that you can use during the spring to plant your outside flowers in. Or you can plant some more indoor pants, or replant the ones that you have when they start to grow. This is a fun way to identify with the hard work you have done and the success of growing the plants. Finally, if you get tired of the worms and the plants, you can try your hands with the birds. Build birdhouses. These are fun and can be completely your creation, or you can go to the store and get a bird making kit. After making the birdhouses, make sure and fill them up with birdseed and hang them up so you can feed the birds this winter.

Even though the weather is cold, your outdoor fun does not have to stop. Use these ideas and you will probably come up with some spinoffs of your own.

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