Lesson Plan : United States Winter Celebrations

Teacher Name:
 Lori Finney
 Grade 5
 Social Studies

 United States Traditions and Celebrations in Winter.
 Family celebrations and traditions. Research how different cultures in the United States celebrate winter holidays and how we are celebrate as a whole country.
 Students will gather and organize information about the traditions transmitted by various groups living in their neighborhood and community and recognize how traditions and practices were passed from one generation to the next.
 Students will be able to identify the history of winter holidays in their own families and communities. Students will also research traditions, celebrations, songs, sayings and other unique ways different cultures in the US recognize winter holidays.
 Students will be split up into small groups to research a Christmas/Winter celebration or tradition in the United States. Each group will receive a different area to research and make a group presentation to the class lasting 5-8 minutes.
 Students will read and listen to various Christmas/Winter stories from the United States. Class discussion will be held talking about how we celebrate as a culture.
 Students will research their given area for 2 days in the computer lab. Students will be given 3 additional class days to prepare for their group presentations and reports.
 Students with disabilities will be given a time extension to complete the written assignment as well as moderate assistance in typing the paper. Students can verbally tell what they want written and a teacher can type the exact wording for them.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will create a one page typed written report on their family traditions and holidays celebrations. Students will create a group class presentation about a tradition or winter celebration in the United States.
 Students will share their family traditions and celebrations with the class.
 Teacher will evaluate each student based on their written report and their contributions to the group presentation.
Teacher Reflections:

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