Lesson Plan Title : Mittens, Mittens Everywhere!

Age Range: Grade 3 through Grade 5 (Upper Elementary)

Overview and Purpose: In this cold activity, students conduct an experiment to see which type of mitten stays dry when playing in the snow.

Objective: The student will be able to compare different types of mittens to see which type of material stays dry the longest.


Mittens made of various materials

Shallow pans of snow (one for each group)

Teacher created worksheet


Divide the students into groups. Pass out one of each type of mitten and one pan of snow to each group. Ask the students to examine the mittens and decide which one they think will stay dry the longest. Have them experiment with wearing the different mittens while they are playing in the snow. Have them answer the questions on the worksheet. When all the groups are finished, come back together and discuss the results.

Sample worksheet:

Type of Mitten Does your hand stay cold or warm when you are holding the snow for 2 minutes? Is the mitten wet or dry on the inside after 3 minutes of playing in the snow? Lay the mitten on the desk and put some snow on it. Is the inside of the mitten wet or dry when the snow melts?
Mitten made of yarn      
Mitten made of nylon      
Mitten made of wool      


Wrap Up:

If the students don't have access to snow, ice can be used instead. This activity can also be done outside on a snowy day. You can extend this activity by having students write a paragraph about why it is important to choose the correct type of mitten when they are playing outside.