Lesson Plan : Winter Triptych

Teacher Name:
 Connie Willis
 Grade 1
 Arts and Crafts

 Creating a Winter theme triptych
 A triptych is a work of art composed or presented in three parts or sections.
 Students will understand that multiple pieces of art can be brought together to form one big piece of art.
 Using the information and materials provided, the student will: -Design and create their own triptych. -Write a story describing their finished work. -Display their artwork for others to see. -Respect their workspace and materials.
 Drawing paper, mounting mat board, pencils, crayons, colored pencils, markers, paint
 Introduce to the students the word 'Triptych'. Show the students a Power Point presentation featuring samples of historical and modern triptychs. Tell the students that they will be creating their own triptych and will be focusing on the theme of Winter.
 Show students your teacher-made version of a triptych with a Winter theme. Show them other examples of student-made triptychs. Write on the board a list of common elements the students may use in their artworks. This list may consist of: snow, nighttime or daytime sky, cityscape, icicles, bare trees, and a fence. Make sure the students know that each piece of their triptych has to contain a common element. Also, write on the board a list of main subjects that the students may choose from to put on each of their three pieces of artwork. This list may consist of: A house, a snowman, bare trees, frozen lake, child sledding, and/or a forest or other animal.
 Allow students to choose the content that they wish to draw, but guide them to make sure that each piece of the triptych contains a similar element.
 Students with diverse learning needs may need seperate more-in-depth instruction.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be assessed using a rubric. (See attached)
 When students are finished with their three piecs of artwork, they are ready to help mount them and display them.
Teacher Reflections:

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