December Holidays Around the World Hanukkah Lesson Plans
Christmas Lesson Plans Kwanzaa Lesson Plans
December Monthly Helpers Religions of the World Lesson Series
December Theme Assorted Skills Workbook Holidays Teacher Starters

Christmas Lesson Plans

  1. A Christmas in Poverty
  2. Average Temperature at the North Pole
  3. Candy Cane Art
  4. Christmas around the World
  5. Christmas in America
  6. Comparing Santas from Around the World
  7. Elf Comic Strip
  8. History of the Mistletoe
  9. Living at the North Pole
  10. Mapping Santa's Property
  11. Planning Santa's Route
  12. Presents for Others Collage
  13. Steps for Reindeer Care
  14. Thank You Mr. Elf
  15. The Grinch - The Prequel
  16. What is missing From My Stocking?
  17. Wrapping Paper Patterns

Winter Lesson Plans

  1. Celebrate Winter!
  2. Curious About Winter Lesson Set
  3. Health Affects Of Winter Lesson Set
  4. Things That Only Happen During Winter Set
  5. When Winter Affects Us Lesson Set
  6. Winter Coloring / Writing Sheets

Bill of Rights Day Lesson Plans

  1. The Bill of Rights & Articles of the Constitution
  2. Constitutional Amendments Survey
  3. Our Government Scavenger Hunt
  4. The Constitution Knows Humans Make Mistakes?
  5. What is the Constitution of the United States?
  6. Who Created the Constitution? Lesson Set
  7. More U.S. Constitution Lesson Plans

Remember the Rainforest Lesson Plans

  1. A Visit to the Rain Forest
  2. Animals, Plants, And People Found In A Rainforest
  3. Bountiful Biomes
  4. Cyber-Starters, Rainforest Workbook
  5. My Forest or the Rainforest?
  6. Layers of the Rainforest
  7. Rainforest Weather Lesson Set
  8. Saving the Rainforest Lesson Plan Set
  9. Soil in the Amazon
  10. Where Are Rainforests? Lesson Set
  11. More Rainforest Lesson Plans

Hanukkah Lesson Plans

  1. Hanukkah: The Festival of Lights
  2. Religions of the World Lesson Series
  3. More Hanukkah Lesson Plans

Kwanzaa Lesson Plans

  1. Kwanzaa Lesson Plans
  2. Kwanzaa Mini Unit
  3. Kwanzaa Symbol Strips
  4. What Is Kwanzaa?

Measure Your Feet Day Lesson Plans

  1. Application of the Scientific Method
  2. Introduction to the Scientific Method
  3. More Measurement Lesson Plans

National Handwriting Day Lesson Plans

  1. Beginning Handwriting
  2. D'Nealian® Block Letter Workbook
  3. Handwriting For Kids
  4. More Handwriting Lesson Plans

Winter Olympics Lesson Plans

  1. Nursery Rhyme Olympics
  2. Winter Olympic Games Project
  3. Winter Olympics Lesson Plans

Antarctica Lesson Plans

  1. Icebergs Ahead!
  2. Let the North Star Tell You Where You Are
  3. Antarctica Lesson Plans