United States Constitution Lesson Plans

United States Constitution Teaching Theme

United States Constitution Worksheets

  1. Bill of Rights - The purpose of this activity is to acquaint the students with the guaranteed rights of the Bill of Rights, and assist them to see the application of these rights in their daily lives.
  2. Citizenship - What is citizenship? Using the preambles from the US Constitution and the Florida State Constitution as references, students determine rights and responsibilities of citizenship. This introductory lesson for the unit, We the People, introduces students to the concept of citizenship that will be the common thread throughout the entire unit.
  3. Citizenship for All - Do you know your rights? This lesson will help students demonstrate their knowledge of the rights, responsibilities, and privileges as United States citizens. Students will show examples by completing a graphic organizer and writing persuasive essays.
  4. Class Constitution - Students will learn the purpose of the U.S. Constitution Students will analyze the language and meaning of the Preamble Students will work in cooperative groups to write a class constitution.
  5. Classroom Bill of Rights - The students will be able to describe their rights as human beings that live in the United States.
  6. Classroom Rules - The need for rules and why we need government in our life.
  7. Constitutional Amendments Survey - Students conduct a Constitutional Amendments Survey to create an opinion poll forum for the upcoming Florida vote.
  8. Dictators and Laws - Children will understand the difference between democracies and dictatorships.
  9. Federalism and the Prevention of Abuse of Power in the US Federal Government - Constitution and other other writings that helped to shape the government of the United States. Students demonstrate understanding of the federal government of the United States (Federalism, Democracy vs. Republic, Rights vs. Freedoms) through regular formative assessments and a summative assessment.
  10. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Limited Government - Students demonstrate knowledge of the differences between limited and unlimited governments, by writing a letter from the point of view of Thomas Jefferson to King George III explaining why a constitutional democracy is better than despotic royal tyranny.
  11. Origins of the Constitution - This lesson plan will cover seven major documents used as a reference by T. Jefferson when he wrote the U.S. Constitution.
  12. Our Government Scavenger Hunt - Students go on a paper scavenger hunt to learn about the United States Constitution and government.
  13. Preamble and Article 1 - To have an understanding of the goals of the Preamble and to understand the main ideas of Congress and why it matters now.
  14. The Allocation of Scarce Resources - A really comprehensive lesson.
  15. The Nation's First Governement - Who should have the control in Government?
  16. We The Kids - Students will investigate the Preamble to the Consttitution and make it more meaningful to them.
  17. Which Freedom? - This activity allows students to understand the importance of civil liberties and the events that led to inclusion of one of these civil liberties in the U.S.Constitution. Students explore individual responsibilites associated with that freedom.
  18. Who Has Power? - Students analyze the Constitution and design a crossword puzzle which correctly associates specific legal powers with specific groups or individuals within government.
  19. Who Needs Government?...We All Do. - Explains the consequences of having a lack of government and rules and laws for a society.