Lesson Plan : Classroom Bill of Rights

Teacher Name:
 John Tsafos
 Grade 4
 Social Studies

 Bill of Rights
 American History. vocab: race, equality, minorities, constitution, United Nations, discrimination
 The students will be able to describe their rights as human beings that live in the United States.Students will also be able to define vocabulary words associated with this lesson.
 The students will be able to create their own Bill of Rights for our classroom using knowledge that they have learned through our study of the actual United States Bill of Rights.
 A copy of the Bill of Rights, and overhead projector.
 * Ask the students who have blue eyes * Send those who do not to the back of the room and then ignore them. * Then we will invite the students back to their desks after a couple of minutes. * When the segregated students return to their desks explain to them that you would never segregate them like that again.
 * Ask each group if what had just happened was fair. * Go on to explain that each and every person has rights and should not be treated as they are not the same as others. * Ask the students if they know any groups that are discriminated against.
 * An overhead of the ten principles from the United Nation's declearation. * A copy of the Bill of Rights.
 * If their are students in the classroom that need special accomodations I will make the required changes to the lesson before-hand.
Checking For Understanding:
 * Go to each group and have them explain what their two principles that they were responsible for mean, and make sure that their explaination is in the correct context.
 * I will have each group present their two principles and write them on the board.
 * Students in each of the groups will complete a rubric to demonstrate that they completed the required elements of the activity.
Teacher Reflections:

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