Lesson Plan : Class Constitution

Teacher Name:
 Miss Crawford
 Grade 5
 Social Studies

 Creating A Class Constitution
 Discussion of U.S. Constitution Preamble
 Students will learn the purpose of the U.S. Constitution Students will analyze the language and meaning of the Preamble Students will work in cooperative groups to write a class constitution
 Students will read aloud handout of U.S. Constitution: Background and Preamble to introduce reasons for making rules. Students will read the words to the Preamble to analyze a framework for writing a class constitution. Students will work in collaborative groups to discuss rules that are needed to make the classroom environment one in which all children can learn and be successful. Ideas from each group will be written on whiteboard or chart paper for class memebers to view and to agree which rules will be adopted by the class.
 Copies of U.S. Constitution: Background and Preamble Markers Chart Paper Poster Board Video on Preamble
 View video on the Preamble.
 Read handout U.S. Constitution: Background and Preamble
 Discuss video and background handout. Discuss the fact that the class is a group of people who must work together, like our states. Suggest rules that may be necessary for students to work together and be successful.
 Students who may have difficulty reading the handout will have the opportunity to view the video on the Preamble which will deliver the text in a format that may help the students understand the words and goals outlined in the Preamble.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will record the rules that were voted on in their journals, as well as make a copy to be posted in the classroom for daily reference.
 After a week of following the class rules, the students will review the effectiveness of the class rules based upon the number of students who may have received discipline referrals for breaking the class rules. If necessary, class will review the reasons that were discussed for making class rules.
 Based upon the number of discipline referrals made during the first two weeks of following the class rules, the teacher will determine how effective the lesson has been in helping students to make real world connections with the necessity for making and following rules when working with a diverse group of individuals.
Teacher Reflections:

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