Printable Kwanzaa Worksheets and Puzzles

Kwanzaa is celebrated from December 26th to January 1st. The celebration includes a feast, gift exchanges, candle lighting, and other ceremonies. Kwanzaa celebrates black heritage and culture. It is meant for inspiration and unity. Here are a number of worksheets for you to print.

  1. Bingo Cards Version 1
  2. Bingo Cards Version 2
  3. Bingo Cards Version 3
  4. Bingo Cards Version 4
  5. Bingo Cards Version 5
  6. Kwanzaa Crossword Puzzle
  7. Crossword Puzzle Answer Key
  8. Matching Vocabulary Quiz
  9. Matching Quiz Answer Key
  10. Vocabulary Fill Puzzle
  11. Vocabulary Fill Puzzle Answer Key
  12. Vocabulary List and Definitions
  13. Spelling Challenge Worksheet
  14. Spelling Challenge Answer Key
  15. Spiral Puzzle Worksheet
  16. Spiral Puzzle Answer Key
  17. Word Search
  18. Word Search Answer Key

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