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Kwanzaa Vocabulary Spelling Challenge


Word With Blank(s) Definition
__ e __ o i c __ n __ to feel joy and to express those feelings
u __ __ t y combining feelings, thoughts, and beliefs to become one
u __ i q __ __ a person, characteristic, or idea that is not like any other
__ w a __ i l __ a culture and language originated in East Africa
__ a w __ __ i symbol six of Kwanzaa; gifts that represent rewards
__ k e k __ a mat made of straw or cloth in which Kwanzaa offerings are placed upon
__ __ z a o the second symbol of Kwanzaa; associated with crops
f __ i __ h the belief in a religion, person, or thing
A f r __ c __ __ an inhabitant of Africa or one who has African ancestry
__ __ h u __ d i symbol four of the Kwanzaa set; placement of corn represents children
h __ r i __ __ g __ beliefs and ideas passed on to a person by birth
__ i __ __ r a a candle holder with 7 openings used during the week long celebration of Kwanzaa
s y __ b __ __ an object used to designate something else
__ o __ m u n i __ __ a group that resides in close proximity or shares common beliefs and interests
p __ i n c __ __ __ e __ fundamental beliefs or obligations relating to behavior and attitude


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