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June is a warm, lush month in the northern hemisphere, a time when crops and gardens are growing, trees are in their full summer foliage, and there is still enough rain so that the grass has not yet been "summer-killed" by the heat of late July and August. By contrast, June is the southern hemisphere's equivalent of December in the north - the cool season when people catch the flu and snow even falls at the extreme tip of South America.

One of America's most distinctive June holidays - the Annual Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival - started because of a huge argument in the 1980s over whether cheese from Wisconsin or New York State is more delicious. Wisconsin has long claimed to be the cheese capital of the United States - a fact echoed in the nickname of "Cheeseheads" for people who live in Wisconsin - and in 1988, the local paper in Little Chute, Wisconsin asked why the National Cheese Museum had been built in Rome, New York rather than in the "Dairy State." Read More About The Month of June

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