Influential Author Lesson Plans

Great Authors Theme Great Authors Worksheets

  1. Author! Author!- The goal is for the students to explore the personal and professional worlds of an author in children's literature. The outcome is for students to gather information and learn how to express it in their own words.
  2. Author/Book Report Web Page - The students will create a web page that will contain a book report and a biography about the author that wrote the book that the student read.
  3. Author Study - To have students listen to stories about Tacky the Penguin and be able to retell the story beginning, middle, and end, setting, character, and plot as a group using a graphic organizer with teacher assistance, and to have a handmade puppet to take home to discuss story with parents.
  4. Author Study for 2nd Grade - Student will understand the concepts of author, title and illustrator.
  5. Author's Point of View - Identifying Authors point of view. Reasons for writing. Increased comprehension.
  6. Authors Purpose & Fact or Opinion - Students should be able to understand the authors purpose and facts and opinions.
  7. Amelia Bedelia Helps Out - Students will be able to understand the double meaning situations in Amelia Bedelia Helps Out.
  8. Evaluating Arguments--Rising Tides - Students will evaluate the credibility of an author's argument.
  9. Florida's Prize-Winning Authors - After students study a gazetteer of Florida's prize-winning authors in a pamphlet entitled Florida Literary Map, they select one of the mentioned authors, research his or her life, take notes, and prepare a brief biographical report.
  10. Guess Who? - Guess Who? Students write riddles about each other using descriptive words.
  11. In Their Shoes: Role Playing - Students will learn to go beyond the text to find the subliminal messages or underlying meanings of the author who portrays his/her characters.
  12. Introduction to Farewell to Manzan - The learner will refine critical thinking skills and create criteria to evaluate print and non-print materials.
  13. Irish Literature Alive - Literature of Ireland comes alive with an introduction to the writings of Mc Court, Heaney and Yeats.
  14. Irish Literature Scavenger Hunt - Students locate and evaluate various books, journals, anthologies, and Internet sources that contain information that may be used in answering the scavenger hunt questions related to Ireland and Irish literature.
  15. James and the Giant Peach - Show students the book and determine what they know about the book.
  16. Lemony Snicket Electronic Pals - Given the book The Bad Beginning, an assigned Lemony Snicket electronic pal, and guidelines for writing a book review students will write a book review.
  17. Nothing But Trouble - The goal of this lesson will be to have student foreshadow, learn vocabulary, and comprehend the meaning of this story.
  18. Reading: Kissing Doorknobs - Student will increase listening and comprehension skills.
  19. Recipes for Favorite Authors - Students will write a recipe for their favorite author by using the Internet for research.
  20. Take 10 Reading - To help students understand how to respond critically to the information provided in the text.
  21. Text to Text Connect - In order for all of my students to raise their instructional reading level to an independent reading level they need to be able to understand and use this skills while reading a text.
  22. The Highwayman - Students will form and express opinions based on shared texts and bodies of work.
  23. "The Man Who Was Almost A Man" - Students will make connections between the events and social attitudes of the time period, its influences on the author and the author's work.
  24. The Pedestrian - Employ strategies to comprehend text. Identify, analyze, and apply knowledge of the structures and elements of literature.
  25. The Scarlet Letter - Students will understand the following: Compare/Contrast Puritan times with today.
  26. The Tragedy of Death of a Salesman - This lesson, which will span a three day period, has the students respond to an essay by Arthur Miller, "Tragedy and the Common Man."
  27. Two Tickets to Freedom - Students will read the story and identify the main idea, important characters, as well as word meanings in context.
  28. Unlocking the Author in You - This lesson is designed to help students develop a love for writing. Students use the attached presentation to guide them in the writing process. They will navigate a variety of web sites to help them learn about writing.
  29. WANTED: A Few Of Our Favorite Authors - This unit is designed to spotlight the work of one children's author each month. Students explore the life and writing styles of each author studied, as well as incorporating studies of story elements in the various works.
  30. Wanted: New Authors! - The students will learn to write a short autobiographical sketch and produce an author page to be used throughout the year with their writing. Students will learn how to take digital camera photos and produce a PowerPoint slide show with their photos and information.
  31. Why Do Authors Write? - In this lesson students use short reading passages to identify, explain, and discuss the author's purpose for writing.
  32. Writing the Newspaper Article - Turn students into reporters. After analyzing newspaper articles, students interview classmates for newsworthy events and write their own newspaper articles.
  33. Writing "The Roadblock" - To learn the importance of using details in writing.