Lesson Plan : Author! Author!

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Blocker
 Grade 4
 Literature Activities

 The topic is the Author Study research unit.
 The content is biographical information about a children's author. Key vocabulary : biography, career, bibliography, citation, database, website, URL.
 The goal is for the students to explore the personal and professional worlds of an author in children's literature. The outcome is for students to gather information and learn how to express it in their own words.
 The following Oklahoma P.A.S.S. objectives are met: 1.3 (student uses a range of information sources), 1.4 (demonstrates how to access info from a variety of sources), 1.5 (demonstrates knowledge of media center arrangement and knowledge of OPAC usage), 2.3 (determine relevancy of info to needs), 3.1 (organize info in manner that meets assignment needs), 5.2 (understand info presented in a variety of formats), 6.3 (continue to seek and revise until info need is met and communicated accurately and appropriately), 7.3 (returns loaned materials responsibly), 8.3 (gives credit to source), 8.4 (follows guidelines in school's AUP), 9.1 (demonstrate ability to be a contributing group member), 9.2 (respect diversity and backgrounds of group members).
 Concept web handouts, citation color-coded handouts, author websites list, computers with internet access, Oklahoma's Digital Prarie databases, word processing software (e.g. Microsoft Word).
 Students have brainstormed as class activity what kind of information is needed/wanted about an author.
 From the graphic organizer constructed from this brainstorming activity, a biographical sketch of Jan Brett is analyzed to determine if all needed information was adequately recognized.
 Students are divided into groups by the author which they desire to research. A graphic organizer is constructed for this author using an encyclopedia or a biography (which has been located via OPAC) as the research tool. Teacher rotates among groups offering support and/or suggestions.
 Group members will assist each other and work cooperatively to gather data. If computer accessibility is needed for a special needs child, it will be done. Collabortion on this unit is among the classroom teachers, the special needs teacher, and the library media specialist.
Checking For Understanding:
 Upon completion of data collection, students will use the website http://www.oslis.k12.or.us/elementary/index.php?page=citeSources for help in formatting their bibliography. They will type the bibliography using word processing software and proofread and revise into a final draft. A rubric will be used for project assessment. A reflection form with discussion will be used after this step.
 Students will select a format to share their research with all groups. A final reflection form with discussion will wrap up the Author Study collaborative teaching unit.
 Evaluate how well the groups worked together; did quality of the research done improve from start to end of project?; compare graphic organizers to final project to ensure all areas were covered.
Teacher Reflections:
 Meet with each classroom teacher and the special needs teacher to reflect upon students' progress and/or difficulties and to discuss any curricular areas to be addressed the next time we do this unit.

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