Lesson Plan : Text to Text Connect

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 Ms. Kohan
 Grade 9-10
 Literature Activities

 Text to Text Connections
 To make a connection between text you must (1) State the name of the text that you are making the connection to. (2) Explain what details in the text that you are reading is the same or different then the text that you stated.
 This is a skill needed in order to better comprehend a text. In order for all of my students to raise their instructional reading level to an independent reading level they need to be able to understand and use this skills while reading a text
 SWBAT draw a connection between the passage and another text by citing the supporting text.
 Title: New Kids in Town: Oral Histories of Immigrant Teens Author: Janet Bode Title: Stone Fox Author: John Reynold Gardiner
 Can you remember what it was like to be the new kid in town? What do you think it would be like if you not just went to a different school or moved to a different neighborhood? What do you think it would be like to move to a whole different country? I want you all to think of some other things that you read that had people who were outsiders, or new comers. As I read I want you to fill in the graphic organizer that you have in front of you with the names of the text that I talk about as I read & the way I describe the similarities and differences between the text I mention and the one I am reading. When I pose a question I expect you to raise you hand quietly and wait to be called on. Pre-teach Vocab. Poster Dictators: A leader who rules a country with absolute power (usually by force) Economic Crisis: A situation when earning money is very uncertain or difficult Naturalized: grant citizenship to someone who comes from another country.
 Metacognition: Modeling Skill Some examples when stopping: Some examples when stopping: Page 70: I will talk about the novel Women Warrior. And how a young girl from China had her mother tell her she need to work twice as hard to prove she is patriotic & American because she was not born here. Shows a connection between text and immigrant experience from different countries. → Fist to five do you understand the connection between Women Warrior and the New Kids in Town Story. Page 72: I thought the streets would be paved with gold. Into this Furnace. How people from Eastern and Western Europe came hear in the late 1910s because they thought that this was a place of opportunity just like Tito�s father believed. → Thumbs up thumbs down thumbs to side do you understand the connection that I made from Sweet summer to the text. Page 73: �If someone says oh Mexicans cant do this I want to prove them wrong.� Connecting to Sweet Summer about growing up in Philadelphia in the 1950s and 1960s being told that she cant do things because she was black and that made her so angry all she wanted to do was prove everyone wrong. → Fist to five do you understand the connection between Women Warrior and the New Kids in Town Story. Stopping in these places and making connections to other texts about immigrants and outsiders shows a commonality between literatures with similar subject matter. Students will be filling our graphic organizer with my ideas and be given an opportunity to add their own comments about things that they have read that relates.
 Thank you now, we will take turns reading different paragraphs if you are not the person reading aloud follow along in your text I will be randomly calling on different people to read. When you think of a connection to another text that you have read I want you to quietly hold up you Reminds Me Card. When I call on you I want you to tell me the name of the text that it reminds you of. Then if the class had read the text as well I want them to stand up. Then I want a person that stood up to share with me what reminded you of that text. Remember when I pose a question to the class, you are to raise your hand quietly and wait for me to call on you to give input to the class. After we have made a connection from the text to another story I want you to write the name of the story and what in Stone Fox reminded you of that story. Examples of where I stop: (1) I will stop and share holding up my Reminds me of card page 12 you can�t tell a ten year old you can�t run a farm. Mixed up Files of Ms. Bassel E. Frankwhiler. This reminds me of how the 8 and 10 year old characters ran away from home because they thought that they could be responsible enough to live on their own. (2) Page 15 reminds me of East of Eden. This reminds me of when the father in the story has a stroke and can not communicate but connects with his song by grabbing his hand.
 Exit slips will contain leveled reading text with scaffolded questions for students those who can handle higher level blooms questions will be challenged with them.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be able to list the strategies that the teacher employed to make connections to other text. They will say that in order to make a connection from one text to another they need to do two things. One, state the other text�s name that they are making the connection to. And two, explain what is similar or different about the two text. This informal assessment will happen at the end of the read aloud part of the lesson in the form of a quick exit slip.
 How does making connections to thinks we already know and understand from other text help us better understand a new text? Why is it important to make connections between texts? How does it help us better understand what we are reading?
 Exit Slip
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