Lesson Plan : Author's Point of View

Teacher Name:
 Kathy Prendergast

 Author's Perspective/Author's point of view
 Identifying Authors point of view. Reasons for writing. Increased comprehension.
 To insure students are able to comprehend text. To identify the author's opinion on the topic. To aid the students in recalling important details. To help students identify the significance of word choice and how it impacts the reader's interpretation of the text. Consequently, the student becomes more adept at understanding not only the main idea but how that main idea is shaped by words. To assist students in analyzing whether or not they can trust the information contained in the text.
 Further increase comprehension through this reading strategy
 Take 10 student workbook, page 7, Index cards, Large chart paper
 Introduce students to the concept of author's purpose. Explain that understanding this concept will help us become better readers.
 Explain that TV advertising reveals the advertisers point of view. The same goes in reading. For example, television ads that urge us to stop offshore drilling show pictures of dead birds and fish covered with oil. Politicians use the ads to persuade us to vote for them. They share points of view on topics by telling us why their opponents are wrong. Just as we become better consumers, and more informed citizens by interpreting television ads, we become better readers when we determine an authors point of view, and the validity of the text. The ability to understand WHY authors write improves our ability to comprehend text.
 Direct/explicit instruction. Explain to students that in order to understand the point of view of the author they have to become skilled at identifying and inferring the author's beliefs, and separate opinions from facts.
 Assist with clarifications while walking around room.
Checking For Understanding:
 Have students share what they wrote on index cards. Write their answers on the board.
 When all students have shared their definitions, post one student friendly definition of authors perspective/point of view on large chart paper. Post on the wall.
Teacher Reflections:

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