Influential Authors Worksheets

We look at a number of authors over the years globally. We also provide you with vocabulary driven worksheets that focus on writing literature and writing styles. We feature a wide variety of vocabulary related and puzzles on this subject.

Who Was the Greatest Author of All Time?
A reading comprehension passage that explores different ways to determine who the greatest author who ever lived is or was. The end result, there are just too many variables that need to be considered.

19 American Authors Word Search
Find the last names of 19 of the most influential American authors. We have the names of famous authors hidden in this sea of letters puzzle.

My Day as an Author Mad Lib
A fun mad lib activity where you write the best work of your life ever, just one problem. You have no ink in your printer, so you print it on a body part.

Famous Authors Crossword Puzzle
These work on the vocabulary words that are all literature related. They can be found below in the definitions section. If you are looking for author name based puzzles, check the word search.

Match Authors to Their Genre
We give the author and ask you to match their last name to writing genre that they are famous for.

That Reminds Me Of Someone I Know...
A writing prompt where you relate a character from a work of fiction with someone you already know.

Comparing Authors Venn Diagram
A great visual for comparing and contrasting two authors on a variety of variables. A Venn diagram specifically on authors. It makes it easy to compare their work, lives, style, and contributions.

The Fifty Word Book Review Challenge
The fastest book review ever. We ask students to choose their words very carefully in just 50 words. This is a fun writing prompt.

My Big Idea for a Novel
Do you have an idea for a novel? Here is your chance to share it with us. Outline a novel of your own creation with this organizer. The ideas that come out of this one are fascinating many times.

Famous Authors Vocabulary Words and Definitions
The vocabulary words for the entire unit. These are words to know for the entire unit. They all relate to the craft of writing literature.

Famous Authors Vocabulary Quiz
A quick and easy assessment of your understanding of the vocabulary for the total topic.

Famous Authors Find the Definition Worksheet
We give you a word, match it to the definition.

Famous Authors Vocabulary Multiple Choice Worksheet
Another form of review on the words for the unit. Tackle the vocabulary words we gave you early on. All of the words are related to writing and literature.

Famous Authors Spiral Puzzle
If you haven't used this puzzle format before, you will want to give it a shot. This might be difficult for some students. We find that a little research is often necessary to get the job done.

Authors Who Are Noteworthy
We look at the style and works of influential authors. We review the top authors consistently identified by historians for their contribution to their craft. Students research their work and writing styles.

Acrostic Poem
We write a sentence length poem while working off of the word "author". Make sure to give kids some extra think time on this one. The more time, the more creative their work will be.

Vocabulary Decoder Worksheet
A neat activity that relates English to numbers. Unscramble the authors last name. We capitalize the first letter of each name to give you a hint as how to run it.

Author Name Word Scramble
You always have to have fun with a word scramble. We focus on the last names of authors.

Author Study Worksheet
Doing an author review? This organizer is perfect to help you get ahead. This sheet will help you completely cover an author of your choice. A great outline to use prior to biography writing.

Famous Authors Biographical Data Form
When you are looking to write an author biography, this sheet is a real asset to have with you. We ask you to go in depth with one author. You could assign authors or let students pick; it's up to you!

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