Author's Purpose Worksheets

We try to determine why an author wrote a piece a certain way. We review writing to inform, persuade, and entertain.

Author's Purpose to Inform
Break down a piece to determine where it clearly indicates that the purpose is to teach something.

Author's Purpose to Entertain
Identify where the author tries to draw emotion from the piece.

Author's Purpose to Persuade
See what action the author is trying to get you to take.

Author's Purpose Of A Long Passage
We use a lengthy passage to add to reader's stamina.

Determine the Author's Intent Version 1
This is a real mix of topics. You need to find the motivation behind each work.

Determine the Author's Intent Version 2
Similar to the previous worksheet, but this one is a bit more obvious.

Determine the Author's Intent Version 3
The point behind understanding the work is to determine the motives of the author.

Determine the Author's Intent Version 4
See if this one is bit easier for you.

The Purpose of Summaries
We give you book summaries and ask you to determine why they were written.

What's the Author's Purpose
See if you can find where these quick one-liners are headed.

Writing With More Than One Purpose
The authors try to persuade you by first entertaining you. See if you can make sense of it.

Great Authors Worksheets
We look at the work of some of the best of all time.