Lesson Plan : Take 10 Reading

Teacher Name:
 Kathy Prendergast
 Grade 9-10

 Authors Perspective/Authors Point of View
 Author's point of view is the perspective (opinions and beliefs that an author shares with the reader through the text.
 To help students understand how to respond critically to the information provided in the text.
 1.Help students identify the Author's point of view to ensure students are able to comprehend text. 2.help students identify the author's opinion, word choices and how they impact the reader's interpretation of the text. 3. Students will become more adept at not only understanding the main idea, but how that main idea is shaped by the authors words. 4. When students become skilled at identifying author's perspective, they become better at interpreting details and information provided in the reading. 5. Students can begin to separate important details and analyze whether or not they can trust the information contained in the text.
 1.Take 10 Reading, Page 7 of their Student Workbooks. 2.Large sized Chart Paper. 3.Index cards.
 Explain to students that the most common purposes for writing are to inform, entertain, and persuade, but students who are not skilled at identifying the author's purpose can easily misinterpret the text.
 Demonstrate by explaining that students who don't recognize that the author is using sarcasm to entertain may take the author's words literally and completely misunderstand the text.
 1. Prompt students for a definition of author's purpose. Chart responces on board, then narrow the definition into one student-friendly version. Post student-friendly version on chart paper and post on the wall.
 Group students so they may help each other.
Checking For Understanding:
 Have each group of students write down their own version of authors perspective on an index card, then share with class.
 Share a personal story about a time when someone tried to pursuade me to join in a sales business with them. After the story, pint out which of the purposes from the list the story was about. (to persuade, to inform. to express an opinion or make a judgement, or to give details about an experience.
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