Lesson Plan : Author/Book Report Web Page

Teacher Name:
 Craig Risco
 Grade 4
 Language Arts

 Author and Book Report Web Page
 Students will read a book, write a report on it, write a biography about the author, and then put it all on a web page.
 The students will create a web page that will contain a book report and a biography about the author that wrote the book that the student read.
 1. Given a book, chosen by the student and approve by the teacher, the student will write at least a six paragraph report (intro., body 1, body 2, and a conclusion) that contains the major characters, plot and themes of the book. 2. Given an author the student will write a biography about that author being sure to include where and when the author was born/died, where he lived, what schooling he/she had, what he/she did before becoming an author, as well as any other facts found during research. 3. Given the students book report and author biography the student will create a web page that will be linked to the class website, the student web page must contain both the report and the biography as well as any pictures or graphics the students feel is warranted.
 Students will be told that they are going to make their own web pages that will contain a book report that they will have written and also a biography of an author that they will have also written.
 The class will go to the library so that the students may select a book to do their report on. Before the book is selected the student will have to have it approved by the teacher. Also while the students are in the library they can begin to look for reference materials that will help them to write the biography of their author. The students will be told that the class will be returning to the library at a later date in order to do research on their authors.
 The students will have how the biography portion of the project is to be accomplished explained in class as well as during the second trip to the library. While at the library the teacher will walk around to make sure that the students are spending their time productively. The students will also have time during class to look for information on the internet, this time should also be used to ask the teacher for any help needed.
 For students that do not have access to a computer out side of school more computer time will be allotted to them. Also, the difficulty of the book will be adjusted by what the teacher as to what the student is capable of succeeding at. The teacher will guide the students to the books that are best suited for that students level.
Checking For Understanding:
 Before the students put their reports and biographies on to the web page they have to be handed into the teacher so that they can be proofread and checked for completeness.
 The procedure for uploading the students web pages will be gone over again in class and the students will be able to upload their work to the class website. The students will have about one week to finish their web pages.
 The students will be measured using a predetermined rubric that will be supplied to the students before the project began. They will be graded on the finished product on the web page including the quality of the report as well as the completeness of the biography. The students will also be graded on the creativeness of their web page.
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