Lesson Plan : Evaluating Arguments--Rising Tides

Teacher Name:
 Darla Elliott
 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 Global Warming
 Evaluating Arguments Pro/Con---Essay Pro: Global warming is a serious problem. Con: Questions whether global warming is occurring. Vocabulary Development receding catastrophic implications indiscriminate deficient equitable demise ominour impending ignorance Introduction of difficult vocabulary accelerating, rapacious, treacherous, component, episode
 Reading Standard 2.8 Students will evaluate the credibility of an author's argument or defense of a claim by critiquing the relationship between generalizatinos and evidence, the comprehensiveness of evidence, and the way in which the author's intent affects the structure and tone of the text.
 The students will evaluate and identify the author's claim and identify the support of the claim by completing the argument evaluation chart.
 Textbook, Argument Evaluation Chart, Audio CD, Overhead and Transparency, White board
 Purpose: Students will have a job. Their job is to evaluate, or judge the essay to identify the author's claim. This assignment will cover two days with the first day having the Argument Evaluation Chart modeled for the students and the second day the students will complete in small groups. Teacher will ask for student volunteers to tell what they know about global warming.
 Vocabulary Development has been previewed but the new difficult vocabulary will be identified prior to listening to Audio CD.
 Teacher will pause CD and ask students the following questions: What does Herbert say is hard to acknowledge (par.1)? What is the author's claim so far? What evidence supports this claim? What is the author's call to action? What does the author want Americans to do? As these questions are asked, the teacher will guide students in locating the answers and complete an overhead transparency to model the correct way to complete the chart.
 Students who were absent or had a hard time following along during direct instruction on day one will be paired with a higher level learner to aid them in understanding since day two encourages group work.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will ask students to show on their fingers how many things the author said Americans can do about global warming.
 Global Warming fact or fiction discussion on day two.
Teacher Reflections:

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