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 Author Study - Helen Lester and Tacky Books
 Tacky the Penguin Three Cheers for Tacky Tacky in Trouble Alphabet Colors Shapes Following directions Elements of Story
 1.01 Participate in read-aloud, storytelling, booktalking, silent and voluntary reading experiences 1.04 Acknowledge ownership of ideas 1.05 Demonstrate sense of story ( e.g. beginning, middle, end, characters, details) 1.06.6 Contrast fiction and nonfiction through various activities 1.08 Select resources within and outside the school for personal information purposes. 1.09 Demonstrate the awareness that resources convey meaning and exist in a variety of formats. 1.09.4 Have students answer simple questions relating to story content after having a story read aloud... 3.03 Identify bias and stereotypes 4.09 Present information in a variety of formats (print, graphical, audio, video, multimedia). 5.01 Respond to reading, listening, viewing experiences orally, artistically, dramatically through various formats.
 To have students listen to stories about Tacky the Penguin and be able to retell the story beginning, middle, and end, setting, character, and plot as a group using a graphic organizer with teacher assistance, and to have a handmade puppet to take home to discuss story with parents. To reinforce classroom lessons on alphabet identification and sounds through an alphabet matching game. To reinforce classroom lessons on shapes and color recognition, as well as following directions through penguin puppet craft.
 Alphabet matching cards. Elements of Story graphic organizer. Penguin puppet craft. Tacky books by Helen Lester
 Have students sit on risers for story time. Have students put on story hats to prepare for listening ears and quiet mouths. Ask students if the know what an author does and have them write in the air to demonstrate. Ask students what an illustrator does and have them draw pictures in the air. Explain that we will be reading three stories about Tacky the Penguin written and illustrated by Helen Lester. Go over new vocabulary - odd bird. What does odd mean? Have them make an "odd" face.
 Read story about Tacky the Penguin. Break students into three groups. 1. Make penguin puppet. 2. Story Elements Graphic Organizer. 3. Alphabet matching game. Rotate groups for next three weeks.
 Students should be able to make penguin craft using illustrated directions and teacher assistance. Students should be able to do an alphabet matching game with teacher assistance. Students will discuss elements of story using graphic organizer and teacher guided questions.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will have a completed penguin puppet to take home. Students will be able to play alphabet matching game. Students will have a completed Graphic Organizer of Story Elements.
 Reinforce author/illustrator. Retelling of Tacky stories or favorite parts. Discuss similarities of Tacky stories.
 Ability to complete activities in designated class time. Letter recognition. Ability to retell parts of story and author/illustrator name.
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