Lesson Plan : BOOK: Nothing But Trouble

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Zuniga
 Grade 4
 Literature Activities

 Book: Nothing But Trouble The Story of Althea Gibson by Sue Stauffacher Illustrated by Greg Couch
 Black History Month: Famous People African Americans Literature Vocabulary Comprehension
 The goal of this lesson will be to have student foreshadow, learn vocabulary, and comprehend the meaning of this story. An assessment will be done with a Running Record.
 Student will read, Nothing but Trouble by Sue Stauffacher Student will be able to predict story before and during Student will read while teacher assesses via Running Record Student will write down summary of the book. Summary will assist teacher in assessing student's writing abilities and comprehension. Student and teacher will discuss story as a conclusion.
 Book: Nothing but Trouble Writing material, Pencil Running Record Sheet
 This book is titled, Nothing but Trouble by Stauffacher, illustrated by Greg Couch. This is a story about a girl named, Althea Gibson who is an African American, born on a cotton farm in Silver, South Carolina in 1927. Her parents then move to Harlem in New York City in 1930. 1. Why do you think the book is titled, Nothing But Trouble? 2. Looking at the cover of the book, what do you think Althea likes to do? 3. Have you heard of the word Racism? Do you see racism now? 4. 1927 was a long long time ago. How do you think African Americans were treated? Tell me a little about what you know in regards to how African Americans were treated or anything that concerns the history of African Americans. Student and Teacher will discuss the book before, during and after. Questions by the teacher, and student's response will generate more questions and comments.
 Teacher will model by introducing the book and briefly summarize the story. Teacher will ask questions and tell student the purpose of the story. Teacher will let the student know to pay attention because a lesson will follow. Teacher will demonstrate the lesson so that the student will know what is expected.
 Teacher will guide and monitor student's reading and comprehension. A Running Record will be used as one form of assessment. Comprehension will be noted by questions and response. Teacher will cover time line in Althea's life, read the author's note about Althea. Teacher and student will discuss.
Checking For Understanding:
 Running record Comprehension strategy Vocabulary Time line
 The story, Nothing but Trouble is a true story about a young African American girl. Teacher will check for student's understanding of the subject. Check what was learned. Student's response and ideas are important in comprehending and relating story to her own experiences. Reading and writing will be assessed. This is a lesson of History, reading, writing and comprehension.
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