Lesson Plan : Amelia Bedelia Helps Out

Teacher Name:
 Claire Genna
 Grade 2
 Literature Activities

 Figuring out double meaning phrases and situations. (EDITED 14)
 Standard: 4 Students will read, write, listen, and speak for social interaction. Standard: 3 Students will read, write, listen, and speak for critical analysis and evaluation.
 Students will be able to understand the double meaning situations in Amelia Bedelia Helps Out.
 After reading the book, Amelia Bedelia Helps Out, the students will recall and list Five double meaning phrases from the book Amelia Bedelia Helps Out. After listening to the reading about Mrs. Rogers and the Shop Keepers, the students will demonstrate an understanding of the meaning of the story by interpreting three directions that were given the passage, After a final reading of the book, the students will apply their understanding to the story by rewriting three directions that Amelia Bedelia will understand.
 Amelia Bedelia Helps Out by Peggy Parish markers pencil paper
 Discuss the illustration on the cover of the book. Have the students disucss situations in which they didn't understand the meaning of a phrase. Have the students predict what will happen in the story.
 The teacher will read the story to the students. After each situation they will discuss what went wrong and what the outcome of the directions should have been.
 Fill out a problem/ solution chart 1. What did Mrs. Rogers and the shop keepers tell Amelia Bedelia to do? 2. What did Amelia Bedelia do? 3. What should Amelia have done? 4. What should Mrs. Rogers new directions be?
 Some students may find this task difficult. The teacher will work with small groups to accommodate them. Students can also be partnered to help with understanding.
Checking For Understanding:
 Have a rubric for the problem/solutions chart. Observe each groups think, pair, and share activities.
 Discuss other expressions that would confuse Amelia Bedelia such as giving a baby shower and prune the hedges. Also have other Amelia Bedelia books on display in the class library. An author's page about Peggy Parish should also be available in the library.
 a. Observing students responses b. Think pair share activity c. Problem/Solution Chart
Teacher Reflections:
 Did the students experience any difficulty understanding double meaning phrases? Did I offer enough assistance to the students experiencing difficulty? As I observed the groups, did they enjoy this lesson?

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