End of the School Year Lesson Plans

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  • A World of Cooperation and Exchange- Using a student-made advertisement, students play an exchange game to reinforce the understanding that people in different places around the world depend on each other for the exchange of goods and services.
  • All Aboard! All Aboard! The Essay Train- All aboard! All aboard! Ride the English Trax! Come and enjoy a train ride with The Little Engline That Could and learn how to create a five-paragraph essay train.
  • All About Me-I'm My Own Research Project- This lesson is an introduction to teaching students how to do a research project. Students learn how to categorize information about themselves and relate to categorizing information on sea animals for a future research project.
  • All's Well That Ends Well- Beginning and ending are two of the most important parts of a speech! The middle is rather important also. Students check out the importance of organizing a speech.
  • An Autograph Book from Yesteryear- Students explore a school autograph book from the 1880s and create a contemporary version of it.

More Lesson Plans From Other Sites

  1. And Your Point Is . . .? Part I- This is Part I of a two-part series. Part I introduces students to point of view through a structured WebQuest. Part II (See Web Links) extends understanding through student engagement in a variety of debate activities.
  2. And Your Point Is . . .? Part II- This is Part II of a two-part series. Part I introduced students to point of view through a structured WebQuest. Part II extends understanding through student engagement in a variety of debate activities.
  3. A Transition from Elementary to Middle School- A guided unit.
  4. Create a Class Yearbook- Students create a keepsake yearbook of memories from the school year about to end.
  5. Design a Poet-T- Students turn plain white T-shirts into fabulous poet-T's!
  6. End of the School Year Poems
  7. Going My Way?- Students create and utilize a picture graph of the various means of transportation that they use to return home at the end of the school day.
  8. Graphing a Healthy Lifestyle- Students will, over a week, record the amount of time they spend sleeping, attending school, watching T.V., exercising and doing homework. At the end of the week the students will graph all of their information and discuss how sleep impacts their learning. The graphs will be used to discuss daily habits and ways to improve overall health.
  9. How Do I Get There From Here?- Students use a school map to create a charted course and a corresponding written description of the directions for travel from class to class, beginning with an arrival location in the morning and ending with a departure location in the afternoon.
  10. Most Valued Possessions- After listening to The Legend of the Bluebonnet, by Tomie dePaola, students illustrate and label their most valued possessions.
  11. Narrative Sketches- Sketches as an organizer? Quick Sketches with short notes are a fun way to get kids to plan out their narrative stories. Students draw three pictures that illustrate the beginning, middle and end of a story with very short notes to describe the sketches.
  12. Oobleck Versus Gloop- By the end of the lesson, second grade students will be able to explain that we use our senses to make observations and that the observations often describe properties of an object or substance.
  13. Soft Drink Sales at Schools- Formulate and defend a position on whether school districts should partner with the soft drink industry to promote soda sales at school.
  14. Thinking Ahead to Next Year- Students leave advice for those who will follow in their footsteps, or write informative letters to the teachers who will teach them next year.
  15. Wacky Olympics- To have students enjoy a fun field day near the end of the school year.