End of the School Year Lesson Plan

Here are some great ideas to help teachers get through the final weeks of the school year.

1. Use White Boards- Create white board trivia games as a method for review. You can just use white paneling from your local hardware store.

2. Create a Time Capsule - Highlight a the great things that happened in school and around the world over the year.

3. Learning Year Books- Create a scrap book of everything you learned over the year a great review tool.

4. Pictionary- A great review game for any vocabulary words you have learned.

5. Write a Letter To a Future Student- Have students write letters to the student who will sit at their desk next year.

6. Write a Letter To Their Future Teacher- A great reflection activity for both the teacher and the student. Give the letters to their future teacher to help them better understand incoming students.

7. 10 Important Events- Have students pick the 10 biggest events of the year either in school or throughout the world.

8. Image Match- Have student find or make images that capture their favorite parts of the year.

9. Year Review BINGO- BINGO is always a hit and really can be a positive learning activity.

10. School-wide Olympics- Student have a great deal of fun with this. Make the tasks academic, as well as physical. The goal is to provide students with as many avenues as possible to display their talents.