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Enhancing your students' passion for reading is one of the things we try to communicate, every time we get the opportunity to speak with reading teachers. There are many ways teachers can do this. You could focus the content on things they like. You could also include a peer writing and reading exchange. Think of it as being allowed to pass notes, but on a much great scale and with purpose. You can also make small little reminders as to the benefits of reading on a daily basis.

There are many fun and engaging things that we can do as teachers to promote a passion for literacy. One thing that was recently published in University of California student was the importance of modeling. If during reading time, teachers and teaching assitants take an active part in the reading culture, reading will have a higher degree of ethos in student's eyes. Definitely make an active effort to model your love for reading to students.

We are often asked by many school districts to recommend grade leveled books for summer. We decided that the need for a summer reading list was long over do. We polled 100 teachers (per grade) across the U.S. and Canada as to which books they recommend for their summer reading programs. The result is a comprehensive list of books for summer reading. Hopefully this will be helpful for both parents and teachers.

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