Flag Day Lesson Plans

Flag Day Teaching Theme

Memorial Day Lesson Plans

  1. Flag Day- A series of ideas and printables.
  2. Flag Drag Tag- For this activity, give two flags to all students except 2-4. These students (called the runners) will have one flag in each hand and will move (i.e., jogging, running, walking, etc.) in the designated area dragging the flags behind them.
  3. Fold the Flag- Students learn how to properly fold a flag and practice the technique by folding paper flags!
  4. Our Flag Throughout History- Students create a timeline of the history of the flag, which serves as a quick visual reference point for discussions of history as well as an interactive learning tool.
  5. Seeing Stars- Following directions, students make five-pointed stars just like the ones on the American flag. Included: Writing assignments for students' stars.
  6. The American Flag- Teach your students about the American Flag, including its history, what the symbols represent, and the proper way to display it.
  7. This Is America! Flag Collage- Cut up magazines and newspapers help students create an American flag collage -- a visual essay of their thoughts about "what my country means to me."
  8. Timeline of the United States Flag - Fourth grade learners will draw a timeline showing the different versions of the U.S. flag from the earliest version to the present version.