Lesson Plan : Timeline of the United States Flag

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Sprandio
 Grade 4
 Social Studies

 Timeline of the United States Flag
 Fourth grade learners will draw a timeline showing the different versions of the U.S. flag from the earliest version to the present version. Students will be broken up into groups of 4 (24 students in all, 6 groups) and each group will be given 6 or 7 dates to research.
 Students will complete a timeline of the United States flag. Condition- Students will research the dates assigned to them and will put together a timeline for the United States Flag. Degree- Students will be graded on how well they participated in their group research and well they completed the timeline assignment. Each will be graded for their degree of participation.
 Pencils (one for each child) Slim magic markers (to work on timeline on poster strips) Access to classroom computers for research Poster strips (for each group) Books on U.S. flags (located in classroom library) Green pen (for grading)
 Today we are going to create another timeline, like the timeline we did on the Presidents. Can anyone remember what a timeline is?
 (Modeling Process) Teacher- Each group will be given several poster board strips. Each group will be researching 6 or 7 dates, so make sure you have room for 6 or 7 spaces on you poster. We have plenty of poster strips so do not worry now about mistakes. When your group researches your dates make sure you write what happened to the flag or what happened that affected the flag on that year. I will walk around and help you so do not worry, I am here to help. After each group is finished with all of their flag dates, we will then put the poster strips together and we will have a wonderful timeline.
 (Guided Practice) Learners- (Students start to research and copy dates and events. The teacher walks around and gives help where needed.)
 Extra time will be provided for students who need it and extra work will be provided for students who finish early.
Checking For Understanding:
 (The teacher walks around and makes sure the students are on task.) Teacher- (After 25 minutes) Let�s stop researching and now let�s start copying information on the poster strips. Make sure you do your best printing, so that everyone can see the information and read it clearly. But do not worry if you make a mistake, we have plenty of poster strips and we are going to work on this lesson for three more days. We have plenty of time.
 (After 15 minutes) It�s time to stop for today. Remember we have three more days to finish up this project. This is a hard assignment but most of you are giving your best. Thank you for working so hard today. It looks like we are going to have a beautiful timeline.
 The teacher will use the following method to record participation and knowledge of how well the students learn: 1) A plus (+) will be given to students who worked hard at the computers, worked hard jotting down information about the dates and worked hard on their poster strips. 2) An asterisk (*) will be given to students who needed much assistance and who were not working with their group. 3) A minus (-) will be given to students who were misbehaving and uncooperative.
Teacher Reflections:
 Verbal Feedback- The teacher will walk around the room and provide positive verbal feedback to all students who are working hard. Students who need help but are working as hard as they can, will be given positive verbal feedback also. Students who are not working hard and who are wasting time will be spoken to privately and asked to try as hard as they can. Written Feedback- The teacher will give a U.S. flag sticker to each student who has worked hard and cooperated on this first day. The teacher will also write, �Good Job� in the students� notebooks.

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