Printable Flag Day Worksheets

Flag Day is celebrated throughout the world to commemorate a nationa or historical event. In the United States we celebrate Flag Day on June 14th. This day dates back to 1777 when the flag was adopted by the United States. You will find a number of great worksheets below.

  1. Acrostic Poem
  2. Adjectives Worksheets- Veterans
  3. Adjectives Worksheets- War
  4. Bank On It- No Word Bank
  5. Bank On It- With Word Bank
  6. Bank On It- Answer Key
  7. Creative Writing Worksheet
  8. Flag Day Acrostic Poem
  9. Flag Day Crossword Puzzle
  10. Flag Day KWL
  11. Flag Day Circle Spelling Worksheet
  12. Flag Day Missing Letter Spelling
  13. Flag Day Spelling Worksheet Answers
  14. Flag Day Vocabulary Quiz
  15. Flag Day Vocabulary Word List
  16. Flag Day Word Wall
  17. Spiral Puzzle
  18. Spiral Puzzle Answer Key
  19. Word Chop
  20. Word Search
  21. Word Search Answer Key
  22. Word Scramble
  23. Word Scramble Answer Key

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