Father's Day Worksheets

Father's Day is a day that is celebrated on the third Sunday in June in America. This year it's June 17th. It's a day to honor fathers and the bonds that have been created since the early 1900's. It's fast approaching. It was first celebrated in United States in 1910. Sonora Dodd started the tradition in order to honor her father's commitment to their family. Since then, Father's Day has been a day dedicated to fathers all over the world.

In honor of Dad, we present a number of great worksheets, printables, and puzzles for you. Many teachers have sent us great feedback on this one.

  1. Acrostic Poem
  2. Bank On It! Worksheet w/ word bank
  3. Bank On It! Worksheet no word bank
  4. Bank On It! Worksheet Answer Key
  5. Crossword Puzzle
  6. Group Creative Writing
  7. KWL
  8. Spelling Worksheet- Circle
  9. Spelling- Missing Letter
  10. Spelling Answer Key
  11. Spiral Worksheet
  12. Spiral Answer Key
  13. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  14. Vocabulary Quiz
  15. Word Chop
  16. Word Scramble Worksheet
  17. Word Scramble Answers
  18. Word Search Worksheet
  19. Word Search Answer Key
  20. Word Wall

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Why is Father's Day Important?

Society often praises mothers for their efforts, and rightfully so. But Fathers or father figures deserve to be celebrated just as much for all they do for their children. When father's day comes, it is a sweet reminder about the importance of fathers but also the challenges fathers face. Fathers mostly strive for a better life for their children, which often goes unnoticed, so they don't get to enjoy the same admiration and fondness we express towards our mothers.

Historically, fathers have been the breadwinners for their families; of course, that trend is now changing, and family dynamics are not the same. But it is a perception deeply rooted in culture; children also tend to see their fathers as authority figure who imposes discipline. Fathers also have an innate unconditional love for their children. Whether he expresses that love or not does not mean that the love is not there. It just surfaces in the form of making sure the child gets the best education, a good, fulfilling lifestyle, and learns the wisest lessons regarding life.

And because of all these reasons, you may not realize that your father is closer to you than you would imagine. It is just that society has taught him to be distant and act as a role model, so the tough act comes only naturally to him.

While it is understandable that not everyone has a father figure in their life or might have a difficult relationship, fatherhood does not always have to be defined in traditional ways. What should always define fatherhood is unconditional and selfless love, limitless care, and kindness. Some of us will have fatherly figures in life who have filled up the empty spaces with their warmth and love, so it is important to celebrate them and their efforts on Father’s Day.

When was it celebrated?

It was on June 19, 1910, when Father’s Day was celebrated in the state of Washington. Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd from Washington came up with the idea of a Father’s Day holiday to celebrate and honor the efforts and dedications of fathers. However, the holiday did not become official for a few years.

Why Celebrate Our Dads?

Fathers play such an important role in a child's life, children might grow up and have a life of their own, but as soon as a man takes the role of fatherhood, his life starts circling his kids. Whether that is picking and dropping them to school, teaching valuable life lessons, to simply playing around with the children, father figures add great value to the child's life because it makes them the happiest to see their child doing well and happy in life.

Here are a few reasons why everyone should celebrate fathers days.

1. For being our superhero.

The popular cliche is true; not all superheroes wear capes. Some just work a regular job and crack bad dad jokes. But life would be dull without these jokes. Dads will always lift their children's moods because the last thing they want is for them to be upset. And even act goofy just to see their child happy.

2. Spending quality time.

All dads work hard, so their children get everything they need, but after a long day at work, fathers find the energy to bond with their children, whether over dinner or family game nights. Dads are always eager to spend time with their children to strengthen their bond.

3. Selflessly investing in your education.

Fathers know the real world and the importance of good education to survive in that world. Every father dreams of giving their child a better life than they had. This means investing in and making sure that their children receive a good education, so they can strive towards a bright future.

4. Help you with your Studies.

When we're struggling with math homework, we can always count on our dads to help us. Although it may seem daunting, they make sure you know how to do your best. They will also sit with you for as long as needed to make sure you understand that one math question.

Whether in school or college, fathers are always interested in helping their children do better academically.

5. Helping you navigate the real world.

Fathers teach their children all the ins and outs of the world, slowly and gradually. But there are some things they teach directly and others indirectly. But constantly, they are helping their child learn about the world they will step into one day. They take time to actively guide them about leadership and handling tough situations because they want to ensure their child is ready to face the real world.

6. Helping you dream big

Dads know why dreaming is important for people and will always encourage their children to dream. They are their child's greatest support system, and he never gives up on their dreams even if things get tough and the child feels relatively low. He is always around to give a push because he wants to see you conquer your dreams and your shortcomings.

And for all these and other things our dads do for us, out of pure love, we, on fathers day, pay tribute to and express our gratitude towards any fatherly figure in our life. Children need to celebrate this day with love and excitement.

By celebrating our fathers, we make them feel included in our lives and acknowledge their impact on our emotional being. By appreciating their selfless care towards us, we give our dads the space to feel proud of themselves. Indeed, fathers may not always be vocal about their emotions, but they will feel truly special because just like motherhood is important for mothers, dads also feel special about their role as a father because they truly feel like and wish to make a meaningful impact on the life of their child.