• Father's Day Worksheets
  • Father's Day is a day that is celebrated on the third Sunday in June in America. This year it's June 17th. It's a day to honor fathers and the bonds that have been created since the early 1900's. It's fast approaching. It was first celebrated in United States in 1910. Sonora Dodd started the tradition in order to honor her father's commitment to their family. Since then, Father's Day has been a day dedicated to fathers all over the world.

    In honor of Dad, we present a number of great worksheets, printables, and puzzles for you. Many teachers have sent us great feedback on this one.

    1. Acrostic Poem
    2. Bank On It! Worksheet w/ word bank
    3. Bank On It! Worksheet no word bank
    4. Bank On It! Worksheet Answer Key
    5. Crossword Puzzle
    6. Group Creative Writing
    7. KWL
    8. Spelling Worksheet- Circle
    9. Spelling- Missing Letter
    10. Spelling Answer Key
    11. Spiral Worksheet
    12. Spiral Answer Key
    13. Vocabulary List & Definitions
    14. Vocabulary Quiz
    15. Word Chop
    16. Word Scramble Worksheet
    17. Word Scramble Answers
    18. Word Search Worksheet
    19. Word Search Answer Key
    20. Word Wall

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