Father's Day Lesson Plans

Father's Day Teaching Theme Father's Day Worksheets

  • Adjective Word Art - Students practice using technology in this creative activity. Using Word Art they create a collage with words that describe fatherhood.
  • Dad's Sports Page - Sports are usually a big part of a dad's life. In this activity, the students use the sports page of the newspaper to answer math questions.
  • Daddy's Big Shoes - Children love to walk around in daddy's big shoes. In this activity, students use daddy's shoe to create a print that tells about all the qualities they love in their dad.
  • Dad's Clothes Relay - This relay race is a good way to get students up and moving around. They have to dress like dad and then race to complete some of dad's chores and tasks.
  • Estimating with Ties - When you think of Father's Days, you think of ties. In this activity, students use ties to practice estimating.
  • Let's Go Golfing - Students create their own golf courses in this activity. They are free to be as creative as they like and are even encouraged to make a scale model of the course.
  • Mapping the Family - Students use maps to show all the different places their fathers have lived. They then combine that information with information found on the internet and complete a worksheet.
  • My Dad's Job - In this activity, students spend some time talking with their dad about the job he does. They are encouraged to ask creative and detailed questions that give them good information, so they can write an interesting report.
  • Superhero Dad - Children often idolize their fathers. This activity encourages students to creatively express their admiration for the dads.
  • What's in a Name? - Some students might have to really look to find the answers to this assignment. They will have to find the meaning of their family name and create a crest or banner that depicts that meaning.

More Lesson Plans From Other Sites

  1. Dad's 'Magnetic' Personality- Students make small magnets featuring the names of father figures or other caregivers.
  2. Digan Queso- Students recognize and respond to commands involving family members and prepositions specifying locations.
  3. Doodle Bug Family Web- In this lesson, students doodle to create a web about their family to prepare for writing. All bugs are worked out prior to the final draft.
  4. Family at Home- Students write a family of multiplication and division facts on a piece of paper cut in the shape of a house.
  5. Father Knows Best- In this lesson, students consider a father's responsibilities and write letters to their fathers or caregivers.
  6. Father Time- In this activity, students make memory books as gifts for Father's Day!
  7. Father's Day Wind Chimes- Students make wind chimes for Father's Day.
  8. Good Grief!- What better way to explain, demonstrate, and explore strategies related to a difficult topics? Through student role playing within family groups, the use of communicating strategies for managing grief will be explored.
  9. Grandparents' Day Celebration- Before Grandparents' Day Celebration, students make a family tree that dates back to their grandparents. They identify names, places, and particular customs and traditions of their family as well.
  10. Let's Write Invitations for our Class Celebration- Students are introduced to the parts of a letter as well as the components of a written invitation. They then compose letters in which they invite family members to an upcoming classroom celebration.
  11. Life Is Like a Roller-Coaster- This activity increases awareness of how life can be like a roller-coaster especially concerning changes in a family. Students share feelings orally, in writing, and in drawing. Students learn and/or practice "I" messages.
  12. My Family Tradition- Students gain understanding of social patterns in families by learning about tradition and discovering different family traditions.
  13. Needs of the Family- Students gain an understanding and appreciation of needs that have to be met in order for a family to survive and flourish. They see that many things are just for their enjoyment.
  14. The Parkingtons Are Coming- You have been chosen to take in a family of aliens from the planet Pluto. Your job is to decide what important things they need to know before they come. You can send 10 pages from the Almanac. Which 10 pages do you think will help them the most?
  15. This Is Your Life- In this set of three activities, students create family trees, interview a family member, and share childhood treasures.
  16. Washington and the Quarter- Why is George Washington called the Father of our Country? Learn about the life of this president, his monument, and tributes to him through stories and poems. Students also learn the attributes of a quarter.
  17. You Mean I Am Part of History?- The purpose of this assignment is to open the lines of communication between family members and to gain a historical understanding about family history. Students research and interview their grandparents and parents and create a research paper.