Women's History Lesson Plans

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Women's History Worksheets

  1. Bring Women's History to Life in the Classroom- A cross curricular look at Women's History Month.
  2. Closing the Salary Gap- Students explore careers in their community and calculate the average salaries for men and women working in those careers.
  3. Debating Women's Rights- Students debate the issue of -Women's Rights- and compare women of the past to the women of the present.
  4. Louisiana Women: New Orleans - Discuss the lives of two successful women living in New Orleans, Louisiana in the nineteenth century.
  5. Married Women's Property Rights Changing Views and Challenges
  6. Mathematical Contributions by Women- Students explore the contributions of women to mathematics by writing a research paper, presenting a summary to their peers, and sharing an activity with their peers.
  7. Postwar Troubles - Demobilization of the country Labor Strife and Struggles Introduction of Red Scare.
  8. Progressive Reform Era - Students will understand how economic factors have influenced historical events.
  9. Suffrage: When, Where, and Obstacles to Overcome- A classroom lesson series.
  10. The Modern Woman - By the end of this lesson students should have an understanding of the flapper and the double standards between men and women.
  11. Tools Uncover Women's Work- The spindle is a universal symbol of womankind. Within most cultures, the spinning of wool, flax, cotton and silk traditionally has been a woman's task.
  12. Who Are the Most Powerful 20th Century Women?- This activity introduces the students to Internet reference materials. Students research an assigned 20th century woman, copy and paste the URL in an email, and send the email to the teacher.
  13. Who Did That?- Students research remarkable women of today, write a biography about one of those women, and create a trivia game using facts from the women's lives.
  14. Women's Rights- Students research the women's rights movement in the twentieth century and develop a timeline depicting major people/events associated with the movement.
  15. Women's Suffrage - The purpose of this lesson is to allow students to explore the vital themes and people of the women's suffrage movement.
  16. Women's Words of Wisdom- Create a bulletin board of inspiring quotes by famous women.
  17. Write to Remember- After children read and collect information on women in history, your class has a TEA PARTY, with petit fours cakes and ice tea. Collecting research from selected books and the Internet, plus writing notes and oral reporting are lesson activities.