Lesson Plan : Progressive Reform Era

Teacher Name:
 Tony Goodwin
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 1)Origins of Progressivism 2)Progressive legislation 3)Progressivism under Taft and Wilson 4)Suffrage at Last
 Vocabulary 1) Progressive Era 2) muckraker 3) injunction 4) social welfare program 5) municipal 6) home rule 7)direct primary 8) initiative 9) referendum 10) recall 11) holding company 12) conservationist 13) New Nationalism 14) Bull Moose Party 15) Clayton Anti-Trust Act 16) Federal Trade Commission 17) Federal Reserve System 18) Civil Disobedience 19) National American Woman Suffrage Association 20) Congressional Union
 1)Learn key goals of Progressivism 2) Find out how ideas of progressive writers helped inspire new reform movements. 3) Understand the resistance to the Progressive Movement 4) Discuss how Progressivists wished to expand the role of government. 5) Discover municipal and state reforms achieved by Progressivists. 6) Federal reforms championed by Teddy Roosevelt. 7)Discuss the political conflicts in Taft's presidency. 8) Discuss contenders of 1912 Election. 9) Discuss policies put in place by Wilson. 10) Discuss limitations on achievements of Progressivism. 11) Learn about the Women's Suffrage Movement.
 4-2. Students understand how economic factors have influenced historical events. #3-analyzing the relationship between economic factors and social and political policies throughout US History. 4-3. Students understand the historical development and how the characteristics of various economic systems #2 Analyze the history of the relationship between economics systems and the role of government throughout history.
 Power point presentations chapter 11
 Journal entries 1) Discuss the key elements of Progressivism. 2) In what ways were Progressivists trying to expand the role of government. 3) To what extent was Taft's Presidency marred by political conflict. 4) What were the two main strategies pursued by women suffragists.
 1) Teacher lecture-power point presentations and class discussion 2) Group Project-impact of progressivism
 1) Section Review 2) group project 3) Vocabulary 4) Section Quizzes
 1) Extended time for homework assignment 2) Use of Notes and books for quizzes 3) Printed notes
Checking For Understanding:
 1) Post assessments for unit 2) Student review 3) Jeopardy review
 Teacher/student review
 Post test assessments Teacher observation
Teacher Reflections:

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