Lesson Plan : Postwar Troubles

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 Mr. Williams
 Grade 11-12
 Social Studies

 Postwar Troubles
 Demobilization of the country Labor Strife and Struggles Introduction of Red Scare
 1.A.4b Compare the meaning of words and phrases and use analogies to explain the relationships among them. 1A.4a. Analyze how thoughts and emotions affect decision making and responsible behavior.
 Introduction the beginning of the social changes of the 1920's Labor Issues and fears that were in place with changes from WW I to no war.
 Books, Note adaptation, Overhead
 Introduction will be made into the changes that followed 9/11 in present times
 Introduction of Notes
 Chapter 12 Demobilization- Wartime to Peacetime mindset in production levels to relax social and economic strains. This caused women to lose their jobs for the men coming back (1910 higher than 1920 levels) Skyrocketing cost of living (cost of fuels, food, housing etc.) Can anyone think of other types of costs of living factors? Change from Defense supported industry Farm crisis as foreign markets were not as dependent Labor Strife- Labor protesting takes place do to the lack of wages and high work hours. (3600 stappages take place and 4 million workers are part of them) Seattle general Strike February 1919 35000 workers leave a shipyard. 110 local unions join in creating a 60000 person strike. It was so organized that the organizers set up food facilities for those on strike. No violence Media however did extremely over publicize the closeness of violence Boston Police Strike September 1919 Boston tried to follow suit with other police forces. The head police commissioner Edwin Curtis however refused to recognize the union that was attempted to be formed. This did result in violence and eventually resulted in two nights of violence in which the officers taking part lost their jobs. Steel and Mine Workers Strike Steel Strike- So severe that the heads of the steel companies went as far as to jail, physically punish and even shoot some of the strikers with the help of local police. United Mine Strike- 400000 striker, John Lewis was the head of the strike. The strike was based on the need for higher wages. Resulted in a 14% wage increase. The Red Scare- 1919-1920 Anyone know anything about the Red Scare? Is the core concept good or bad? The revolts within Russia created high levels of tension within the US. Fear of Marxist teachings and a turn toward communist ideals. Karl Marx- idea that there would be one general working class in which all were controlled by the government and worked and lived under equal terms. Serious threat as Eugene Debs began to create a momentum with a party called the American Socialist Party. Their goals included the potential of an overthrow of the government but not in any violent manner. Anyone connected with the socialist party was looked upon though with great fear. Palmer Raids Came about as bombing threats and bombings took place. Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer was one such person who had a bomb go off at his house killing the attacker. With the attack the future FBI director J Edgar Hoover was put in charge of investigating. The Palmer Raids themselves took place in late 1919 and early 1920 in which only a few actual weapons were found although they were described as finding men ´┐ŻArmed to the teeth´┐Ż By mid 1920 the time and lack of new activity died off enough to relax the general public and the end of any types of witch hunting. Sacco and Vanzetti Red Scare dies out yet fear of foreigners continues Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were tried on charges of murder in Boston. They were convicted on charges as the court dismissed many witnesses of the defense. The guilty charge was issued but large public dismay again created a sense of anger towards the trial and the execution of these men. This again began to bring America to a potential two level nation.
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