Lesson Plan : Women's Suffrage

Teacher Name:
 Johanna Villagomez
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 The women's suffrage movement in the United States achieved its goal of winning full voting rights for women when the nineteenth amendment was ratified in 1920. The leaders of this effort were two women who served their gender and their country,Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
 Women's Suffrage is a change of attitudes through the passage of time. Students will read a background on the fight for women's rights and its eventual success in the United States and around the world. The purpose of this lesson is to allow students to explore the vital themes and people of the women’s suffrage movement.
 1.Students will take quizzes about the history behind women's suffrage 2.Students will describe and compare methods used by suffragists to pass the 19th amendment 4.Students will analyze and interpret primary sources for content, audience, purpose, and point of view 5.Students will understand the role of women and reforms women wanted and they will be evaluated by taking a test 6.Students will identify the leaders of the women’s suffrage movement and answer the worksheets they will be given 7.Students will discuss the women’s suffrage movement and its effect on society. 8.Students will discuss why some people did not support the suffrage movement and the reasons behind logic.
 1.Primary Sources -Images from the suffrage movement 2.3 Women's Suffrage worksheets 3. textbook 4.Graphic Organizers 5.A computer with internet access 6.Dictionary/translator
 Adaptations the Teacher will give extended time to IEPs and ESL students,as well as, allowing them to use a translator and/or dictionary to facilitate their progress.The teacher should also provide extra attention/monitoring to any students who may require additional help.
Checking For Understanding:
 -3 Quizes 20% -2 Test 40% -Class discussion 10% -Worksheet 10% -Graphic Organizers 20%
 They will be required, as a project, to get into groups of four and present the information about what they have learned about Women's suffrage movement. They will be required to turn in a two page paper on their presentation.
Teacher Reflections:
 The next time I do this lesson I would like to allow the students to do their own research instead of relying so much on the website I gave. I feel that depending on the ability of the class,I can give them the freedom of finding all of their own sites.

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