Voting and Elections Worksheets

Elections and voting are of central importance to the democratic process. Even though voting is the key to have your voice heard in our society, on average only fifty-five percent of eligible (due to age) voter actually vote. These set of of worksheets is aimed and helping students understand the election process and voting.

  1. Acrostic Poem
  2. Book Marks
  3. Bulletin Board Border Set
  4. Cryptogram
  5. Group Creative Writing
  6. KWL
  7. Maze
  8. Reading Comprehension
  9. VENN Diagram: Comparing The Development
  10. VENN Diagram: Comparing The Role Of Women
  11. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  12. Vocabulary Quiz
  13. Word Search

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Voting Bulletin Board Items

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  2. Ballots/Signs
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  4. Party Voting
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  6. Who's Next?

Why Voting Is Important

The decisions in a democratic country are based on the public's votes. But it is more than just electing a particular individual for a specific post. It is more than that deciding who your president or ministers would be. Your votes are necessary because you will decide on crucial issues that need political attention, such as housing, education, and healthcare.

History of Voting

As a citizen of the US, voting is everyone's civic duty. Today, most Americans over 18 have the right to vote in federal and state elections. Although voting was once not as smooth as it is today, it was not perceived as a default right for all Americans. The original Constitution of the United States, while describing how the new country would vote, unfortunately, did not go into details about defining who could and could not vote in elections.

Because it was not clear cut in the Constitution, the states took it upon themselves to decide who could vote into the 1800s.

It was mostly the landowning men who were allowed to vote, while white women, black people, minorities and disadvantaged groups were excluded from having voting rights.

Today, the situation is completely different because everyone who is a rightful citizen of the United States is allowed to vote in the elections. This is crucial because voting is everyone's right, and it is so fundamental for the country’s political health.

Elections are the official procedure of selecting individuals or more to take control of public offices, for example, through presidential elections.

Your vote matters, and here are the reasons why!

1. Elections Have Consequences

As a citizen, it is in your hands to decide the quality of life you want for yourself and the future generations. You can practice this power by understanding the importance of your vote. When you vote in elections, you give yourself the opportunity to stand up for the issues you are concerned about.

If you are someone who is concerned about the rights of women and their quality of life, you should vote in the elections for candidates that you feel represents these principles best. Voting helps you have control over election consequences for you and your society.

2. Your Tax Money

In any country, citizens pay taxes, and the government utilizes these taxes in various ways. Your tax money is your hard-earned money, and you want to ensure that your tax money is being used for the betterment of society and its people's wellbeing. By consciously deciding to vote, you decide how your money will be spent and whether the things that need improvement are being paid attention to like our healthcare system.

3. Advocate Positive Change

Some societies don't necessarily function in a way that is positive and constructive for their members. Perhaps there is corruption in your society or discrimination towards some group.

By voting, you have the chance to initiate and advocate for a positive change in society. Support the right candidates and help your community, state, and nation improve for the better.

4. Sustain and Protect Democracy

When the citizens of a country participate in voting, this action directly protects the democracy of that country. Voting is essentially about democracy. The more people actively choose to vote in any elections, the more important it becomes for politicians to address the interests of the voters urgently. Voting is certainly a democratic right that many generations have fought long and hard for.

5. Holding Leaders Accountable

When voters decide on the government, their votes have substantial power. If certain leaders are elected by voters for their promises, andthey fail to deliver on these promises, voters have the right to vote them out. Free and fair elections are integral to making sure politicians are always held accountable for their actions, and voting makes this possible.

6. Your Voice Matters

As a citizen of a country, you have a voice, and it matters. What you rightfully believe in is important, and the way you can point that out to the officials is by being active in national and local elections. Your vote gives the message that you are invested in your community and country. You deserve to be heard, and voting will ensure that. Voting is your way of having a say in the decisions that directly or indirectly affect you and those around you.

7. Vote to Influence Decisions

There is a very good chance that if you decide not to vote, someone else will make decisions for you, and sometimes those decisions will not be in favor of you or other people. The government every day makes decisions on your behalf as a citizen.

These decisions are regarding healthcare, education, housing, and security but also decisions regarding your local community. If you decide not to vote, you are giving up the right to choose who makes these decisions. Even if these decisions don't matter to you, they definitely matter to someone else.

Final Thoughts

History is proof that many people sacrificed their comfort and lives for the sake of gaining the right to vote. These people understood the importance of voting and fought for it so that their future generation would not have to fight for what is their basic civic right.

It is easy to fall into the misconception that one vote will not make a difference when in reality, every single vote is monumental in its impact on society. Elections have the chance to be revolutionary, so own up to your right to vote and contribute to your society.