Printable Voting and Elections Worksheets

Elections and voting are of central importance to the democratic process. Even though voting is the key to have your voice heard in our society, on average only fifty-five percent of eligible (due to age) voter actually vote. These set of of worksheets is aimed and helping students understand the election process and voting.

  1. Acrostic Poem
  2. Book Marks
  3. Bulletin Board Border Set
  4. Cryptogram
  5. Group Creative Writing
  6. KWL
  7. Maze
  8. Reading Comprehension
  9. VENN Diagram: Comparing The Development
  10. VENN Diagram: Comparing The Role Of Women
  11. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  12. Vocabulary Quiz
  13. Word Search

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Voting Bulletin Board Items

  1. Ballot
  2. Ballots/Signs
  3. Campaign 92'
  4. Party Voting
  5. Vote Republican
  6. Who's Next?