Multiplication Worksheets By Specific Skill

We have just under 100 multiplication worksheets for you. For a complete math curriculum including multiplication. There are literally over 100 printables just on multiplication.

Introduction to Multiplication

Seeing Multiplication Happen (w/Prompts)
This treats multiplication as repeated addition.

Drawing Multiplication Arrays
We have students do the drawing in this one.

Seeing Multiplication Happen
Visually count out rows and columns to create your own problems.

Determine the Multiplication Array
Draw a visual of each problem.

Multiplication with Arrays
You have students determine the number of rows and columns to produce a product.

Matching Visual Multiplication
A great send off set to get students work ready to work with numbers.

What's the Addition-Multiplication Problem?
From what you see to what you get.

Fixed Number Multiplication

These are your basic starters for students. We work with just a single number to get students in the rhythm.

Vertical Problems

In this set you are working with single digits versus a single number. Problems have a top and bottom number.

A Minute of Multiplication

All problems are set let to right. There is a fixed number used in each set.

  1. Multiplying With 0
  2. With 1
  3. With 2
  4. With 3
  5. With 4
  6. With 5
  7. With 6
  8. With 7
  9. With 8
  10. With 9
  11. With 10
  12. With 11
  13. With 12
  1. Multiplication by 2s
  2. by 3s
  3. by 4s
  4. by 5s
  5. by 6s
  6. by 7s
  7. by 8s
  8. by 9s
  9. Mixed Minute of Multiplication

Hidden Puzzles

These puzzle have you work through a variety of problems to determine the product. The product tells you which color to use on the attached drawing.

Cute Baby Calf
This is our cutest one by far.
Four Leaf Clovers
See if you can use your math skills or luck.
Silly Turtle
Turtle just make you laugh some days.
Multicolor Butterfly
This is a pretty one.
Great for Spring time or a plant unit.
Rose (Flower)
Kind of a Valentines theme.
Rockets In Outer Space
A nice scene of the outer limits.
A plain old cupcake for you.
Hot Air Balloon
I wish I could just get in one and ride to the other end of the Earth.
Christmas Tree
A holiday themed puzzle.


Basic Multiplying and Multiplication Facts

These worksheets use mixed numbers that would considered the second layer of product based skills.

Single Digit Multiplication Worksheet Pack
One digit times one digit only.

Multiplication Facts to 50 Negatives
There is a single negative number as a factor in each problem.

Triple Digit Multiplication Worksheet Pack
We use larger products on this set.

Multiplication Facts to 50
Working on your facts to 50.

Double Digit Multiplication Worksheet Pack
Two digit numbers as products.

Facts to 100
Slightly larger numbers to work with.

Rewriting Multiplication Facts
Write each problem as an array and a repeated addition problem.

Facts to 1000
Very large products are produced on this set.

Correct the Incorrect Answer
This one make sure you know your math facts by correcting problems.

Facts to 100 Negatives

Meeting Up With Multiplication
Very simple problems.

Facts to 1000 Negatives

Missing Multiplication
Find the missing part.

Both Numbers Negative to 50
Two numbers are negatives in these problems.

Math Worksheet Generator
If you don't see a version that you would like, you can create your own worksheets with our math maker.

Both Numbers Negative to 100

Understanding the Commutative Property of Multiplication
Use a diagram to display this property.

Both Numbers Negative to 1000


Working With Times Tables

10 x 10 Times Table Charts
This set provides you with a blank, partially complete, and complete times table.

Times Tables Drills
A great review of all the skills students will commonly come across.

12 x 12 Times Table Charts
This is your more standard set of times tables.

Math Crossnumbers
It's math's version of a crossword puzzle.

15 x 15 Times Table Chart
Now that the CORE is here, this is being used more.

1 to 5 Times Tables
A simple times table to get you started.

20 x 20 Times Table Chart
This is an oversized times table for a challenge.

Missing Multiplication Tables
A simple random scattered table.

Super Quick Multiplication Charts
A simplified table for you.

Triple Digit Multiple Tables
A larger chart.

Quadruple Digit Multiplication Tables
We orientate the numbers differently for more of a challenge.

Higher Level Problems

Missing Factors (factors 2 to 9)
Students need to do reverse multiplication here.

Secret Code Multiplication
Use your decoding skills to solve these problems.

Missing Factors (factors 2 to 30)
Another set of larger numbers to work with.

Find the Missing Factors
The factors are large.

Mental Multiplication
We call this higher level because you can't use a pencil.

Name the Factors 0 to 100
We start to consider the concept of multiples and factors.

Large Products
Working with the bigger numbers.


Multiplication Word Problems

Word Problems on the Baseball Field
Very basic and straight forward problems that are themed to baseball.

Our Sports Order (Prompted Multiplication Word Problems)
Simple problems that are focused on ordering sports supplies.

Hard Multiplication Word Problems (At the Concert)
All these problems are focused around the theme of being at a rock and roll concert.

Word Problems Workbook- Multiplication
We have a great set of 180 problems for members.

Super Basic Problems
As simple as it gets.

Multiplication Games

Multiplication Memory Game (Up to 5)
Your basic memory game, but this time match the factors to their product. Tic Tac Toe Multiplication Math Worksheets
Some fun tic-tac-toe math games for you.
Multiplication Memory Game (Up to 9)
We work it up to 9 now.
Running Multiplication
See if you can follow the path of the multipliers.
Multiplication Memory Game (Up to 12)
The largest products that we recommend for mental math.
Math Trail Worksheet
We have a worksheet maker that every one raves about.


Advanced Skills

Facts with Decimals

  1. Decimal Multiplication Facts to 50
  2. Negative Decimal Multiplication Facts to 50
  3. Double Negative Decimal Multiplication Facts to 50
  4. Negative Decimal Facts to 100
  5. Decimal Facts to 1000
  6. Negative Decimal Facts to 1000

A Mixed Review