Tic Tac Toe Math Game Worksheets Sorted By Skill

A ton of fun! Play the game Tic-Tac-Toe with all kinds of math operations and core aligned math skills. This is a cooperative game that can be played with up to four students. Students really enjoy these worksheets.

Addition Game Worksheets

The Great Tic Tac Toe Challenge (a) - A fun game for 2 to 4 players. You can color the boxes or use the traditional Xs and Os. There are 4 games in all or you can play that the most squares wins. Have some fun with our first of many games.

Single Digit Missing Numbers Addition (b) - A pre-algebra version. Part of the sums are missing. This is a fun one and prealgebra at that. Find x in each box and win the box. Find a friend to play with.

Single Digit Addition with Decimals (c) - We throw decimals in the mix. We add hundredths now to make it even more fun. Regrouping is involved in many of the problems.

Worksheet a through c Answer Keys - Keys for the three worksheets directly above.

Double Digit Tic-tac-toe Addition Math (d) - We move up to two digits. We bump it up to two digits and find the larger sums. Have some fun!

Double Digit Missing Numbers Addition (e) - We remove one number from the mix. Find the number. Solve for t. Sometimes you will need to add and other times you will need to subtract. Either way a good algebra primer for you.

Double Digit Addition with Decimals (f) - Decimal sums make their way to you. This one is straight vertical addition at its best. It might be a bit cramped. We are working on a larger version. It will just have less problems.

Worksheet D to F Answer Key - Keys to the above three worksheets.

Triple Digit Addition Cooperative Game - Students really enjoy these. There are many versions for you. There are 3 full versions here. With a total of 6 games to play. A correct answer allows you to win a box. Incorrect answers will lose you boxes.

Subtraction Game Worksheets

Single Digit Subtraction - A quick and fun one! A little fun tic-tac-toe game for you. This one has multiple versions. You can play with others or challeneneg yourself. Some people even challenege a calculator; good luck with that one!

Double Digit Subtraction - Double the digits results in double the fun! Again a 3 version pack for you to play with. Sorry that we left out the directions for you on this pack, but we figured that you were getting the hang of it by now.

Triple Digit Subtraction - Time to master subtracting 3 digits. This pack of 3 pages should help. Answers are found on the last page too!

Multiplication Game Worksheets

Single Digit Multiplication Game - 3 full versions in all. Also some answers for you too. A great way to kick it off or review.

Double Digit Multiplication - Double it up! Another 3 versions. It should be well spaced out for you. This makes for a neat game!

Triple Digit Multiplication - This actually our most popular version available. This one also has three versions and an answer key to check your work with.

Division Game Worksheets

Single Digit Division (No Remainders) - We start off easy! We move on to division. We work with single digits here. There should be more than enough work space for you.

Double Digit Division - This is as high as we go with quotients. Work with larger numbers in this one. Students usually find this format a little easier to work with.

Decimal, Fractions, Percentages Game Worksheets

Decimals and Percentages - Convert between the two forms. The conversions are very elementary in nature. So it is a good starter sheet for most kids.

Reducing Fractions - We give you big fractions, make them little! Find the number that goes evenly into the numerator and denominator and get the fractions to their lowest form.

Percentage of a Number - Find the percentage one number is of another. These are great to remind students some core skills. Yes, answers are included on page 2.

Decimal to Fraction Tic - Tac - Toe Battle - A battle of epic proportions. We give you plenty of work space. The first game goes decimals to fractions. The second one flips that on you.

Rounding Decimals - Make the decimals nice and round. Note the place values that you are asked to round to. Some people lose their focus on that.

Percentage of Change - How much change takes place when a number increases or decreases? Four games with a full answer key. We change what we are asking you to calculate often.

Working With Numbers Games

Completing Proportions - Find the missing part of a proportion. Find the missing variable denoted by a letter of the alphabet. This can be hard for some students. So we made 4 games for plenty of practice.

Find the Average - We give you three numbers, you find the mean. Find the mean or average of each box. Get it right, earn the box! Get it wrong, lose the box!

Operations With Exponents - We convert between exponential and normal integer forms. We convert between Exponents and Standard Form numbers. It makes for a ton of fun!

Prime Numbers - Is the number a prime? Label the number as prime or non-prime. Remember that prime numbers are only divisible by themselves and 1.

Rounding - We have you round to various place values. Four games in all. Each game changes what place value that you will need to round to.

Scientific Notation - Convert between sci. notation and normal integer format. Play with converting between the various formats. A good review. I would use it as a do now.

Writing Numbers in Expanded Form - Make sure your pen has enough ink. You shouldn't use a pen on this one. Transition the numbers between expanded form and traditional numeric form.

Operations and Comparison Games

Mixed Math Operations and Digits - A deep review for everyone. The division usually holds you up in this one. We see students picking easier problems rather than strategic positions as they start this game.

Order of Operations - Remember your PEMDAS. We rotate between operations with three and four factors. This makes it interesting.

Greater than or Less Than - Compare the numbers. Nothing is equal. Compare the number using the less than or greater than symbol. You will find some negative numbers tucked away in there too.

Largest Decimal Number - Find the biggest decimal around. This is a quick paced game. Find the biggest decimal number in each box. Remind students that the place values change in every box.