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Garlanded in spectacular red and yellow leaves, noted for its mild days and crisp, frosty nights, October is the month of Halloween, jack-o-lanterns, and migrating birds heading southward for warmer climates. Fields dotted with haystacks glowing in the sun, piles of bright orange pumpkins near neatly-painted barns, rustling piles of fallen leaves, and, in some areas of the northern hemisphere, frequent clear, clean skies are all things that we think of when October is mentioned.

However, there are also some unusual things about October that may pique your interest and make you appreciate the uniqueness of the months that make up our year. One small detail of October, for example, is that more American presidents have been born in this month than in any other. Six presidents of the New World's oldest republic came into the world during this month - John Quincy Adams, Rutherford Hayes, Chester Arthur, Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Jimmy Carter. This is an odd example of how chance can sometimes group related things together without there being any particular meaning to it. Read More About The Month of October

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