Farm Teacher Guide to Food and Nutrition

More and more people these days are beginning to realize that nutrition and nutritional food is incredibly important if they want to live a healthy life. You might now be seeing the Government getting involved in helping people get more nutritional food.

Nutrition involves feeding into your body the right kind of nutrients and chemicals into our bodies to make sure that we can grow properly, and have all our organs perform their functions properly! After all, what's the use of being unhealthy!?

For example, it is absolutely essential that we have vitamins in our diets. These vitamins, are able to make our bones grow properly, help the flow of blood around our bodies and help our bodies fight diseases. As well as this, vitamins can also make our nails, hair, skin and teeth much healthier - and even improve our eyesight! Vitamins that do this might include vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12. These can all be found in different kinds of food, namely the large amounts of fruits you are able to buy at the shops.

As well as this, nutrition can make sure that our bodies stay healthy all round. This is because in order to have nutrition, you must make sure you are eating a balanced diet. This means eating a little unhealthy food and a lot of healthy food! These healthy foods that you eat will include important chemicals and minerals, like iron. You might not have heard of them, but if you keep a healthy diet then you can ensure that you will be putting all these healthy nutrients into your body!

These kinds of nutrients in our body control our weight, and how we produce energy in our body. And obviously, you need energy to be able to move every day! Your own mental ability, like your ability to learn whilst you are at school, is controlled by the nutrients you put into your body.

So when your parents have told you that you can do well in school if you eat your fruit and vegetables, they weren't lying to you! It's completely true. With hard work and a healthy diet, you can ensure that your grades are kept high and you will do well at school.

Nutrition and food also decide whether or not we have a good level of fitness. Fitness is our ability to do lots of exercises. If we have good nutrition and eat good and healthy food, we will always have enough energy to perform exercise and activities. This means that our bodies stay lean and in the end, you will live much longer!

So what have we learned? Well, you should now know that nutrition involves eating a balance diet. It also involves eating healthy foods on a day to day basis and monitoring the amount of food that you eat at night time. You should make sure you eat as many vitamins as possible and always do your exercises!

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