Printable Study Skills Activity Worksheets

This set of worksheets can really help you determine how you learn best. We feature a number of graphic organizers to help you focus your thoughts.

  1. Bingo Card Small
  2. Bingo Card Medium
  3. Bingo Card Large
  4. Bingo Card Double
  5. Break Out Topics
  6. Coat of Arms
  7. Concept Study Card
  8. Concept Study Card Example
  9. Concept Web
  10. Concept Wheel
  11. Event Map
  12. Flash Cards Small (4 cards)
  13. Flash Cards Medium (3 cards)
  14. Flash Cards Large (2 cards)
  15. KWL Printable
  16. Main Idea Map
  17. Meeting New Vocabulary
  18. Venn Diagram
  19. SQ3R Chart

Resource For Understanding Study Skills

  1. How do I know my learning style? - A questions students need to answer quickly.
  2. How to create a Study Schedule - This is very helpful when students first discover how they learn well.
  3. How to Improve Your Memory for Better Learning - A simple technique that works every time.
  4. How to Improve Your Study Atmosphere - Students usually don't even qualify this. Students have shown that retention rates differ greatly based on study environment.
  5. How To Study Links - A collection of quality web sites.
  6. How to Study Better Using SQ3R - A reading technique that works!
  7. How Can Parents Help Their Children Improve Their Study Skills - A great article to send home to parents.
  8. I Know My Learning Style! How Do I Best Prepare For A Test? - This a pre-test preparation must.
  9. Study Skills Lesson Plans - A number of lesson plans that will help students hone their skills.
  10. Top 10 tips When Studying for Tests - Basic gentle reminders for students and parents.
  11. What are learning styles? - An introduction.
  12. What Are Some Basic Test Taking Strategies I Can Use? - This will give students some great ideas.